Saturday, February 07, 2009

Contra "Muhammad Rafeeq": "Rafeeq's" Jewish Apologetics Are Fatally Flawed Nonsense

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Muhammad Rafeeq", who has yet to tell us his birth name, let alone his grandparents' names, posited a nonsensical theory that Bernard Madoff is innocent of the charges leveled against him. "Rafeeq" would have us believe that Madoff's investments were legitimate and simply failed. He further argues that the prosecutions against Madoff are the result of a conspiracy to force the taxpayer to foot the bill for the monies Jews have lost by investing with Madoff, who is legitimate.

What is "Rafeeq's" proof? He asserts that it is impossible for Madoff not to have been earlier caught, and this issue only arose quite recently when the Jews lost money by investing with Madoff. See:

The Madoff Double Bluff By Paul (aka - Muhammad Rafeeq)

"Muhammad Rafeeq's" theory fails to take into account the effects of corruption, incompetence and intimidation. It is fatally flawed pursuant to the testimony of Harry Markopolos.

Markopolos did identify Madoff's schemes in the year 2000 and reported them. This fact is absolutely fatal to "Rafeeq's" nonsensical conspiracy theory:

Markopolos Blasts SEC Inaction on Madoff in Congressional Testimony

It is not possible that Markopolos worked with Madoff in 2000 to expose a Ponzi scheme that did not exist so that they could 8 years later expose the non-existent Ponzi scheme and thereby force the public to foot the bill. Now, "Muhammad Rafeeq" and his pupil have failed to retract the falsehoods they have claimed about me. "Muhammad Rafeeq" has failed to respond to the questions I have posed to him over the course of years. Will "Muhammad Rafeeq" now admit that his apologetics for the Jew Bernard Madoff are disproved nonsense and retract his shameless drivel, or will he continue to peddle his false Jewish apologies to his gullible audience?