Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hosni Mubarak Admits that He Is an Ally of the Israelis and Scapegoats Iran-Friendly Arabs for Illegal Israeli Aggression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel and its fifth columns of of Arab Quisling leaders is setting up for an inter-Muslim war between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey against Iran and Syria. The Jews are using the Palestinians as bait to pit the Muslim World against itself, by using Muslim leaders to fight with one another over which method is best to protect the Palestinians from the Jews.

To wit, Hosni Mubarak, who cares not for the Palestinians, but is instead a Communist puppet of the Jews, is trying to drive a wedge between Iran and the Arabs. I believe that the Jews plan to substitute Erdogan of Turkey for the popular Ahmadinejad, in the minds of the "Arab street".

Instead of condemning Israel for disproportionate responses, instead of making accusations of Mossad false flag operations, Mubarak blames the Arabs for Israel's monstrously disproportionate responses to Israeli false flag attacks on itself. See:

Yoav Stern, "Mubarak: Hamas to blame for spilled Arab blood",, (4 February 2009),

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak reveals the fact that most Arab leaders are in bed with the Israelis. Their agenda is to promote hostilities with the Iranians and to prevent the Iranians from assisting the Palestinians.

"'Egypt made peace publicly with Israel, and some of those who criticize us maintain warm relations with Israel behind closed doors, and others dearly desire peace with Israel,' Mubarak said."--Yoav Stern, "Mubarak: Hamas to blame for spilled Arab blood",, (4 February 2009),

Many traitorous Arab leaders do not want to condemn nor prosecute their ally Israel. Many traitorous Arab leaders instead want to scapegoat Arabs who are attempting to defend themselves from illegal Israeli aggression, for that illegal Israeli aggression.

The Jews have the gullible Arabs struggling between two forces, both of which are working for the Israelis. The common People of these nations have to become enlightened as to these facts and demand governments which represent their common interests as Muslims and to begin to fight back against the Israelis in a common defense, rather than fight Jewish manufactured inter-Muslim wars.