Thursday, February 05, 2009

If We Don't Stop the Jews, They Will Kill Them All, and the World Will Do Nothing to Protect Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For years, I have been warning the World that the Jews will exterminate the Palestinians at the first opportunity which arises. This is one of several reasons why the Jews want to instigate World War Three. The Jews know that if they can bring the World into chaos, into war, economic collapse, famine, etc. that the Jews will then have the opportunity to wipe out the Palestinians completely and the World will do nothing to stop them.

For years, I have also warned the World that the Jews will, as an entire People, come to support Israel and Jewish extermination of the Palestinians, as they come closer to building a "third" Temple of Solomon, and that the Jews will become increasingly arrogant. Even those Jews who yesterday considered themselves secular and detached from the Jewish People will come to embrace Israel and join with other genocidal Jews in a quest to exterminate the Palestinians and the rest of non-Jewish humanity. I issued these warning in, among many other places, the following blogs:

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If you watch the following YouTube video, you will see average Jews recently stating what I have been warning about for years, and note that when a Jew refers to "Moshiach", he is referring to the messiah of the Jews:

Pro-Israel Rally For Attacking Gaza, NYC, 1-11-09

Some Jews believe the Jewish messiah will appear once the Jews have exterminated the Palestinians, which is to say that the lives of the Palestinians are holding back the arrival of the Jewish King. The Jews' holy books teach them that as the messianic age approaches and the Jews seize absolute power, they will be able to speak more openly about their plans.

I hope that more people will listen attentively to the warnings I am issuing. The Jews do not only plan to exterminate the Palestinians. The Jews plan to exterminate all non-Jews. They relish the thought of the arrival of the messiah, because he is promised to them as the genocidal force which will murder every non-Jew on the face of the Earth. The Jewish extermination of the Palestinians is only a planned prelude to the planned Jewish genocide of every Goy.