Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Democracy a Bad Idea?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When the Jews attacked the Monarchies, many leaders warned of the faults inherent in a "democracy". From the Russian Czars, the attack on the concept of "democracy" was then championed by the Fascists, for many of the same reasons proposed by the Monarchists.

These forces argued that "democracies" are a fatally flawed system of government, in that they grant Jews equal rights, which affords the Jews the opportunity to use their stolen money to corrupt the government. Jews, acting together, can subvert the will of the majority, by buying up and otherwise controlling the press, and by placing compromised politicians in power through the use of the Jewish controlled press. These are indeed real problems.

However, no system of government is bullet proof and safeguards must always be put in place and updated to protect society from corrupting forces. Fascist states can also be tools of the Jews. Consider Franco's Spain, as in Frankist Spain. Fascist states can work against the best interests of the nation. Consider Hitler's warmongering and the destruction and Balkanization of Germany.

I argue that the Jews have an easier time controlling the will of one man, than they do of controlling the will of an entire People. If we were to remove the Jews from public life, they would have a much more difficult time manipulating the American People, than if we were to fall into a dictatorship even if it removed the Jews, which dictatorship could potentially be easily controlled by the Jews from outside and be from the outset a product of their machinations.

Is the will of the People truly a threat? It can be, but consider the fact that the American People opposed the banker bailout, oppose Obama's "stimulus package" (knowing where it is directed and the pain and degradation it will cause) and oppose our suicidal immigration practices. If a popular vote were taken, the People would have a far better record on key issues, than do their elected officials.

That said, one man can act immediately and without compromise. Though there is great hazard in placing such power in a single hand, if it is used effectively, it is the most efficient means of governing.

History has revealed to us a cycle whereby powerful men toss out the Jews, or cage them. The Jews then promote revolutions which "democratize" the nation so as to create "tolerance" for a successive Jewish invasion and subversion. The democratized nations succeed because free people are more creative and productive than slaves. The Jews milk this wealth, and replace the democracy with absolute tyranny, often by placing the Jews' puppets into power on an anti-Jewish platform.

In my opinion, the most productive and healthy society to which we can aspire is a more democratic society in which the Jews exercise no influence. The problem is getting there without tripping over the stumbling stones the Jews are tossing on our path. Constantine donned a bold cross and used his power to much effect to build a lasting Empire. The Jews could then be easily recognized as the threat they were by leveling the charge of Deicide at them.

We can obtain prosperity without surrendering our rights to a dictator, if we can remove the dogmatic, silly, and hostile Jew from public life. We either have to remove the Jews from the press, or make the press of no value to the Jews. We either have to remove the Jews from the educational system, or make the educational system of no value to the Jews. We either have to remove the Jews from government, or make the government of no value to the Jews.

We cannot at this time remove the Jews from the press. We can, however, take away the value of the press for the Jews in several ways. We can discredit the Jewish controlled press. We can provide a counter-press which not only exposes the Jews, but which further explains the benefits of normal and healthy gentile society that serves the best interests of the majority. In our counter-press, we must explain to the audience not only that war and debt are stupid and unnecessary products of Jewish influence, but we must also explain the benefits of debt free currency, Autarky, peace, international stability and profitable trade with needed protections for American labor and markets.

One can readily see that the Middle Eastern press is Jewish controlled by the fact that even those sources which criticize Israel almost never decry the stupidity and needlessness of the hostilities between Muslim nations and sects that the Jews are artificially creating. The Middle Eastern press not only does not condemn the inter-Islamic strife the Jews cause, the Jewish controlled Middle Eastern press instead promotes this very strife. In addition to its failure to condemn the inter-Islamic strife the Jews are manufacturing and in addition to promoting that strife, the Jewish controlled Middle Eastern press fails to ignite the imagination of the Muslim community to the rewards of peace, mutual aid, cooperative trade and unified power that Muslims could exercise for the benefit of mankind.

Our counter-press must not only discredit the Jewish press, we must seduce the public with the facts that we can quickly and greatly improve their lives and the lives of all of humanity. We must not only explain to the public the problems the Jews are causing and how unnecessary are those problems, but we must also explain how we can solve those problems and create a better nation for us all.

Since we cannot at this time remove the Jews from the educational system, we must instead make the educational system of no value to the Jews. We must educate our own and make the products of our educational system superior to those of the Jews. We must give our people a competitive advantage over the Jews and those educated by the Jews. We must provide textbooks which expose and explain the facts of history and of science. It is only by lack of competition, and by forced monopolization that the Jewish system survives. The Jews have sought to drag down the Catholics, but we need not let them destroy us. If we have a natural right to survive the Jewish attack, it will only be because we are strong and willful enough to take our fate into our own hands. If the Jews attempt to shackle those hands, we will have to meet them with force, or perish as cowardly fools.

Since we cannot at this time remove the Jews from government, we must remove the influence of the Jewish controlled government from our lives and substitute our own institutions in parallel to, or in substitute of, the Jewish subverted Government of the United States. We must create our own institutions of assuring the common good, whether or not the POWER PARTY wins offices in the official government. The POWER PARTY must be just what its name signifies, the taking of power by the exercise of power on a personal and on a collective level. There is nothing which prevents us as a political party from performing the functions which can also be performed by a healthy government. We have no power to tax, but we have instead the power to help one another, which the government does not.

I do not think we will have to struggle for long to make manifest our power. I suspect instead that as we begin to organize to take matters into our own hands we will all come to conclude that it will be much easier for us to use the power of the State for the benefit of the American People and that by that time, the American People will be with us and we will have created the fabric with which to clothe Americans in the truth.

Hamas and Hezbullah are powerful because they provide for the needs of the people as the Israelis and their puppets deny those needs. The POWER PARTY will do the same for the American People, and in this way we will quickly win popular support and seize the power of the State.