Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Jews Are Arranging an Arab-Turk Alliance to Smash the Kurds, With an Attack on Iran as the Real Goal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The press is reporting today that the Arabs in Iraq are flexing their muscle over the issue of Kirkuk, and that Obama's pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq will lead to conflict between the Arabs and the Kurds:

Kurd PM criticizes troop movement in Iraqi north

On 31 January 2009, I went on television to warn people that the staged conflict between Erdogan and Peres was meant to unite Iran hating Sunni Arabs with the Turks against the Kurds, Syrians and Iranians. I warned that Obama's pledge to withdraw from Iraq would lead to a conflict between Sunni Arabs and Kurds over the issue of Kirkuk. I reported on my televised statements upon my return home in the following blog:

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians, February 03, 2009

For years, I have been warning that the Jews were pitting the Turks, Kurds, Arabs and Iranians against one another, and that the Jews were seeking to Balkanize Iraq in order to spark these conflicts and themselves take the place of the Muslim Kurds, in, among many other places, the following blogs:

Communist-Mossad PKK -Versus- Doenmeh Crypto-Jews: Who Pays for this War? Who Benefits from It? October 28, 2007

Iraqi Turkmen, Kurds, Turks and Israelis, November 13, 2007

With Thanksgiving Approaching, Turkey Will Make the Perfect Scapegoat, November 14, 2007

The Jews want the Turks to unite with the Saudis and with Sunni Iraqis to attack the Kurds and Iranians. The Jews want Muslims to fight with Muslims and leave the Jews standing in "Greater Israel". The Muslims are fools to allow their Jewish controlled leaders to force them into this Jewish manufactured trap.

The Muslims should unite against Israel and use their religion as a bond, rather than a point of contention. There is so much wealth in the Middle East that it is just plain stupid for these countries to go to war with one another, when they could become fabulously wealthy by simply cooperating for their common good.

The Jews are also setting up Turkey and Russia for yet another Jewish manufactured war. The Jews have been pitting these two great nations against one another for centuries, to the detriment of both the Russians and the Turks, and to the benefit of the Jews and their Western slave nations, especially Great Britain and France.

If Russia and Turkey instead united and improved their trade and relations with one another, many, if not all, of their national problems would be solved, and the Caucusus would become prosperous and a source of stability, rather than war. The Russians and Turks can prosper by helping one another, instead of letting the Jews yet again thrust them into war with one another, which means war between NATO and Russia.

People must stop being so stupid as to allow the Jews to manipulate them into warring with another. The profits to be made from peace will build the middle class of all of these nations and lead to great prosperity for all the World. How many times will Russia and Turkey step into the same Jewish trap of fighting one another, when it is so obvious and so simple that they should join forces to defend themselves from the Jews, and build one another's nation into thriving States that trade freely and peacefully with all the World?