Sunday, February 08, 2009

On the "Credibility" of Daryl Bradford Smith

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I find it difficult to understand why anyone would take Daryl Bradford Smith seriously. From his ridiculous story that the silly little smearmonger Eric Hufschmid somehow Svengalied him for years (have you ever seen and/or heard Eric Hufschmid?), to his apologetics for the Jew Bernard Madoff, the man is clearly not someone who can be taken seriously. If his story that Eric Hufschmid controlled him for years is true, then he is, by his own accounts, an easily manipulated fool. If it is not, then he is not telling the truth. His claims made together with "Muhammad Rafeeq" that Bernard Madoff is innocent of the charges against him depend upon the false notion that these charges have only recently been leveled against Madoff. Why haven't Smith and Rafeeq retracted, or amended, their false theories in light of these facts?

Smith has made numerous unsubstantiated claims about me that he has neither attempted to support, nor retracted, though he asserts that he always corrects his mistakes. He has just recently asserted, without any hint of proof, that I claimed that he and his buddy had inside information. Where do you allege I made such a claim, Daryl?

His teacher, "Muhammad Rafeeq", attempted to criticize me for pointing out the fact that there are allegations that a Jewess poisoned the Prophet Muhammad, but "Rafeeq" just recently pointed out that the Jews murdered Jesus Christ. Both "Rafeeq" and Smith frequently reiterate things I have said before them, often in much the same terms, if not verbatim. So why do they attack me?

"Muhammad Rafeeq" made an unprovoked attack against me on the message boards at "Wake Up from Your Slumber" long ago, then recently misrepresented that fact and claimed that I had attacked him. Why have you not retracted that false claim, "Muhammad"? Smith claimed that I had added a books page to my website after he had added one to his, when in fact I had a books page on my website long before him. Why have you not retracted that false claim, Daryl? While I encourage the dissemination of information, I do not encourage the spreading of lies about me.

Why did you attack me for the fate which befell Christopher Bollyn, Daryl? Have you ever apologized for smearing me? Have you ever retracted your statements? Why did you attack me for leading the Armenian Community in recognition of the Jewish involvement in the Armenian Genocide? Why did you parrot what I had already said, while concurrently attacking me for having said it, before you? Why do you falsely claim that no one has criticized your work, when in fact I have made criticisms, to which you respond with personal attacks alone? Of course, it would be a very lengthy excersize to point out all of the mistakes Smith and "Rafeeq" make, one which does not interest me, since, among many other obvious reasons, anyone who listens to them and whose opinions are of real value is already aware of them.

Daryl, what are your associations with the old time members of the "Islamic Party of Britain"? Do you know how many, and which, of its members are converts to Islam and/or were ever Jews, Freemasons, and/or have Jewish blood? What do you know of David Pidcock, Alexander Baron, etc. and will you tell your audience what you told me about "Muhammad Rafeeq"? Will you apologize for, and retract, all of the falsehoods you have spread about me? Or will you continue to attack the messenger, while parroting my message?

One last note, Daryl Bradford Smith recently attacked someone for pointing out that Kay Griggs has Jewish blood. Daryl Bradford Smith, himself, heard Kay Griggs tell him that she has Jewish blood and that some of her ancestors were involved in Freemasonry. Kay Griggs stated directly to Daryl Bradford Smith:

"I'd love to tell you who my dad was. He was just wonderfull. And, uh, my grandmothers and I'm very proud of my old Scottish roots, but, um, I've got a little bit of, um, Belgian Jew in there, that I found out about. My mother was trying to hide it. And, um, they brought over the, uh, they came into Teller, Virginia. They brought in the Masonic, uh, training school for Virginia in about eighteen. . . what about. . . the. . . during the war, uh, between the states . And, um, I call tell you, that's uh. . . . I just. . . . My mother doesn't like knowing that. . . or. . . she probably knows it, but, the point is I don't mind telling everything about myself."--Kay Griggs, Audio Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith, beginning at 52 minutes into the interview.

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