Friday, February 06, 2009

"One World Nazi Party" a Contradiction in Terms, Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received an interesting response to my article:

"One World Nazi Party" a Contradiction in Terms, January 28, 2009

I think it wise to avoid using more than one definition for a single term, in that the use of several definitions for the same term leads to confusion and contradictions. "Aryanism" as the belief system of an ancient Indo-European tribe is different from "Aryanism" as the belief system of Gobineau and the Nazis. Such being the case, I will in this article distinguish between "Nazism" and "Aryanism", meaning by "Aryanism" the ancient belief system of the "Aryans" and by "Nazism" the belief system of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Not knowing the name of the author of the article to which I am responding:

Jewish Racism on Aryanism

I will refer to the author as "Aryan Sanctuary", or simply AS. AS would have me understand that the "One World Nazi Party" does not aspire to "international egalitarianism". Perhaps I have misunderstood the intentions and beliefs of its founders, and if that is the case, I welcome the clarification. However, I ask, is not a "one world" standardization in the sense of race and sensibility the ultimate in international egalitarianism?

I can easily imagine a one World religion, which nevertheless existed in separate and distinct nations, nations with distinct sovereign rights and borders. Citizens with such a religious view need not be of the same, or even of a similar nation or genetic makeup. Members of a political party with common beliefs need not be of the same nation or genetic makeup, but I would assert that Nazism is such a comprehensive formula for government based upon race and historic territory, one which depends upon the precept of Blut und Boden, that I see no way of making it multi-national other than a one world government under a confederation of such sovereign states that would tend toward a one world state as the nature of man tended toward uniformity of what AS refers to as "Aryan personality". Is the "Aryan personality" a function of blood, or indoctrination and environment? What is America to be under the "One World Nazi Party", a purely Native American country? If not, then in what sense is it a party of Blut und Boden? Surely, Nazism cannot be applied universally unless the populace of the World is molded and interbred into an egalitarian whole, or have I missed something?

I do not accept the Nazis' or Gobineau's precepts that all high culture stemmed from the Aryans, and I do not believe that the ancient cultures stagnated due to the admixture of Aryan blood with the blood of indigenous peoples. I do not accept the premise that Aryan blood is present in all the World's people, and that it alone accounts for creative genius and nobility of spirit. If genius and nobility are only latent in Aryan blood, than the rest of humanity must be converted to Aryan genetics in order for there to be a "One World Nazi Party". Under such an impossible condition, the World would then have one blood and the entire territory of the World would be its homeland. Hence, a One World Government and One World Race would emerge that segregates the Jews, which is exactly the purpose of Jewish messianic prophecy and the United Nations, with the obvious and important difference that the new universal non-Jew phenotype would presumably rule itself. However, this new man would have no heritage to serve as a basis for protection from the corruption of the Jew, or any other lingering hostile minority. It would on the other hand have the force of numbers and commonality of purpose implicit in its homogeneity.

I find this objective of uniformity uncomfortably in conformity with the Jewish inspired image of the universally blended "UNESCO man", and nothing like Nazism, which also makes me uncomfortable as I do not wish to obey a racist totalitarian State.

I do not agree that there is an equivalence between the evolution of the Aryan man (itself a mythology) and the use of selective breeding techniques to produce an Aryan from a non-Aryan. For example there is a difference between selecting for specific traits to breed a prototype wild horse from the modern horse, and producing a modern horse from the wild horse. One presumably depends upon selecting extant genetic types, the other on genetic mutations. If such is not the case with humans, and the Aryan is simply a specific set of genes among an original more diverse set, than "Aryanism" is again not likely latent in all human beings, but has been lost to the non-Aryans. Again, I wish to make it clear that I do not believe that there is any such thing as the "Aryan race", but am simply working with the false premise as a basis for analysis.

If the founders of this "One World Nazi Party" envision a World united against Jewry in self defense from genocidal Jewish aggression, the distinctions between party principles of economics, sovereignty, race hygiene, education, monetary policy, trade policy, foreign policy, etc. from classical Nazism should be clarified in a party platform, and I do not see how they could possibly mirror German National Socialism, but I would be happy to review any such proposal and offer my thoughts on it.

The way to win American voters is with issues. The party should be framed in the minds of the public as a series of issues of concern to the average American, such as freedom from Jewish oppression, health care, education, foreign policy, jobs, etc. If you create such a political platform, please let me know.