Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Coming Hyperinflation Will Further Erode Domestic Production

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As Obama and the Jews run us ever deeper into debt, they will hyperinflate our currency. Since Obama's "remedy", the theft of trillions of dollars of our money and concurrent gift to the Jews of trillions of dollars, fails to recover real wealth from those who have stolen real wealth from Americans, it will simply inflate the currency without restoring health to the system. This will also create a loss of confidence in America and American currency which will have very negative effects on our economy, because we will no longer receive inexpensive goods from nations eager for American dollars.

Concurrently cashing out debt and forgiving debt, without any mechanism in place to regulate the money supply, will immensely increase the money supply, and national debt, causing more dollars to chase fewer domestically produced goods as the American economy plummets into free fall. Those dollars will necessarily chase imports as domestic production decreases, because the incentive will be to consume by buying goods, not invest in iffy domestic production. If you expect that your dollar will have half its value in one month, you will buy something solid today, not invest in future prospects, especially not in a crumbling America.

There will be an incentive to get rid of dollars as soon as possible, which is not accomplished by investing in domestic American production, but is accomplished by buying hard goods. Those goods, mostly imports, will become increasingly more scarce as the dollar declines in value and foreign suppliers decide not to invest in an unstable currency, and cannot afford to ship goods here that are paid for in worthless dollars, and Americans cannot afford to buy more stable currencies and have nothing of value to offer in trade.

This will further raise prices and increase inflation in a vicious cycle that will not inspire investment in domestic production, but instead discourage it due to hyperinflation, in favor of a run from the dollar to real goods, most of which will be imports.

The POWER PARTY will take a different approach from Obama and the Jews. We will seize the wealth the Jews have stolen from Americans, rather than assist the Jews to steal more money from the taxpayer. We will use this wealth to pay off legitimate debts, and will direct creditors to recover debts from the Jews who caused them.

We will provide monies for investment in productive activities and regulate the supply of money to match that domestic production. We will not print ridiculous numbers of dollars destined to chase foreign goods in rapidly increasing hordes.

Currency will serve domestic production and the American family, and it is domestic production which will give our currency its value. We will not run a Ponzi scheme which steals the future away from the American worker and the Third World, for the benefit of the Jews and a very small number of billionaires and trillionaires who care not one whit for their fellow American citizens.