Monday, March 02, 2009

There Is a Desperate Need for an International Organization to Defend Us from Jewish Aggression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We desperately need a human rights organization which will respond to Jewish aggression. The Jews are committing genocide, imprisoning people for daring to think, destroying the World economy, agitating for wars and revolutions, subverting governments and religions, engaging in the slave trade, illegally trading in weapons and drugs, etc. Yet there is today not a single body which responds to this organized Jewish attack on the human race.

Why are courageous individuals rotting in European prisons without any support from a human rights organization? Why does no human rights organization criticize Judaism and Jewish supremacism? It is because we have thus far been too stupid, too lazy and too complacent to stand up for our rights and confront the genocidal Jews with an organized counter-attack.

The mere act of founding such an organization will draw attention to the problem of Jewish hostility towards humanity, and will provide a centralized structure for exposing the problem, one which offers the victims of the Jews an outlet to demand justice. The Jews are so vile in their attacks on innocent people, that we will be able to demonstrate that organized Jewry is trafficking in women for prostitution, genociding the Palestinians, subverting Christianity and Islam, and throwing scholars in jail for examining historical issues. We can demand Habeas Corpus for victims of Jewish aggression and organize criminal prosecutions of the Jews who are murdering, enslaving and imprisoning us.