Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jewish Totalitarianism Comes to America: Barack Obama, a "Jewish Democrat"?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning my audience for a very long time that the Jews, through Obama, would bring us their Bolshevist totalitarianism:

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Dubbing Barack Obama a "Jewish Democrat", Bryan Schwartzman of the Jewish Exponent writes of Arlen Specter's change of political parties, inter alia,

"Specter has long enjoyed strong support in the local and national Jewish community, reaching across party lines for financial support as well as for votes.

Moderates have long hailed him as a reliably pro-Israel lawmaker not beholden to any party. Opponents, particularly on the right, have assailed his failure to articulate and adhere to a political philosophy.

Many Jewish Democrats, even liberals who have disagreed with him on some key issues, lauded his defection -- from President Barack Obama on down."--Bryan Schwartzman, "Specter Surprises All With Move to the Left", Jewish Exponent, Volume 226, Issue 5 (30 April 2009),

Arlen Specter has no loyalty to the United States of America, let alone the Republican Party or its principles. Specter's loyalty is to the Jews. He is an agent of our worst enemy. Specter is a member of the Israeli fifth column that is destroying America, stealing away our rights, our wealth and our future.

We must establish the POWER PARTY as a viable alternative to the American People to the subversive Jewish parties that are ruining us.