Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Let my people go": The Jewish Origin of the Plagues Striking America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish leaders are concerned that the Jews in America have it too good, and that Americans love the Jews too much. The Jews in America are beginning to assimilate and the Israelis want them to move to Israel. The Jews want there to be the prophesied "ingathering" of the Jews of the World to the stolen lands of Canaan.

The Jews tell a fictitious story and pretend that they once lived in Egypt as slaves of the Pharaoh. In this story, the satanic Jewish god instructs the fictitious character "Moses" to demand that the Pharaoh let the Hebrews leave Egypt so that they can worship this devil in the land of Canaan. The devil promises to help the Hebrews commit genocide against the native people of Canaan/Palestine and steal their land. The Jews claim to be descended from Babylonians from Ur, Babylonians who have no Earthly right to live in Canaan/Palestine.

The satanic Jewish god visits ten plagues upon the Egyptians in an act of collective punishment, though this devil has himself hardened Pharaoh's heart, the devil thereby causing that which the devil condemns. When the Jews do go, they steal the wealth of their Egyptian neighbors who so love the Hebrews, that they loan them their gold and silver, which the Jews gladly steal.

This is the nature of the perverse Jewish religion, which is fabricated from lies, and from the plagiarism and perversion of other religions. The satanic Jewish god gives the Jews land which belongs instead to the indigenous peoples, and the devil god of the Jews instructs the Jews to exterminate the native peoples so that the Jews can worship the devil in a Temple of Satan built on lands taken through genocide. The evil Jewish god also visits murderous plagues on the Egyptians and enables the Jews to steal the Egyptians' wealth through an act of betrayal.

The Jews themselves claim to have spread disease, famine and genocidal war throughout the ancient World, just as they do today. Their religion is a plan to genocide the human race.

The Jews of today are no less perverse and evil than the ancient Jews who fabricated Judaism from lies and through plagiarism. The Jews of today are visiting plagues on America and the World, in part to provoke an artificial "ingathering" of the Jews to the stolen lands of Canaan/Palestine.

The Jews are poisoning our waters, spreading disease, destroying the brains of children with poisons, poisoning American soldiers with radioactive substances in wars the Jews manufacture, ruining the living environment of the United States, sponsoring foreign invasions, etc. in the Jews' war on the American People. The American People respond to the war the Jews are waging on us, by handing over all of our wealth to the Jews.

The Jews are planning an Exodus. They will leave our body like the leeches they are, sucked dry of all of our blood. It is amazing to witness the American People actually help the Jews, and praise the Jews, as the Jews wage a war of extermination on Americans--300 million "useful idiots" who have outlived their usefulness.

Our future generations of children, if any there are, will suffer terrible birth defects, because of the Jews. Our waters and lands are poisoned forever, because of the Jews. Our agriculture is being converted into unnatural poison, because of the Jews. Our liberty is disappearing, because of the Jews. Our lives are filled with stress and horror, because of the Jews. The whole World has come to hate us, because of the Jews.

And what do we do about it? Just like the fictitious Egyptian of Jewish myth, we praise the Jews and give them more money and power as they screw us into the grave.

Turning the other "cheek" while bent over is the surest way to get stuck. It is instead time to turn and face the enemy that is prodding us, and destroy it forever.

The plagues will worsen as Americans grow weaker under the constant Jewish attack on our health, spirit, society and government. If we do not start fighting back now, the Jews will soon start to mass murder millions of us in a matter of months. Those left behind, if any there are, will face perpetual war, omnipresent poisons, mutant foods, freakish children, and especially degrading forms of slavery.

Have the American People no memory of what the Jews did to the Slavs in the Soviet Union? The plagues the Jews will bring to America will be exponentially worse, just as each new Jewish attack grows ever worse through history, as the Jews gain more and more power and the technology to control and destroy humanity becomes ever more destructive.

The Jews are out to kill you. They always have been and this fact has been acknowledged by some of mankind's greatest minds.

There is little left to fear, other than dying in cowardice. Prudent action now can save us, but don't wait for the Jews to hold your trembling hands and start a protest movement against these same Jews. Don't relegate your power to defend yourselves to the Jews who are out to kill you.

The Jews have specialized in dissent, and you have let them, and left yourselves vulnerable to their clenching teeth which gnaw at you from above and below. You must learn to lead from above and dissent from the masses, without allowing the Jews to subvert you from both ends, leaving you stuffed in both sets of cheeks.

Time is short and the Jews are growing relatively stronger as we grow increasingly weaker. The Jewish angel of death has risen from his ancient tomb, stretched out his gangrenous limbs, and is flying towards us, swooping down and stirring up disease, famine, and death in the dry and barren soil the Jews leave behind wherever they travel. The tenth Jewish plague will number the dead in the hundreds of millions, if not in the billions. America will be forgotten if we do not fight back against the Jews.

The Jews have painted their doorposts with the blood of the lamb. Let their segregationism and greed be their undoing. They are easy to spot. They are the ones who are always blaming others for the murders and theft they themselves commit.