Monday, April 20, 2009

Like Vampires Running from the Rising Sun. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Like vampires running from the rising sun, they turned their backs to the truth and scampered away, hobbling along like rabid wet rats to suck spittle and lick up the syrupy blood the Jews spill onto their stolen boots for "our leaders" to clean with filthy tongues and dirty deeds. The World is going to Hell and I am unlucky enough to live amongst the foaming and fuming scum who collect their moldy bread from the murderous Jews to betray the human race to the satanic snake that has slithered onto every shore and spit in every cup that carries a word of truth, hissed on every true tone that should resonate with all human beings who have the will to survive, a conscience that demands justice, and the self respect to reject Jewish lies and embrace reality.

Instead of celebrating the truth, the glory and healing properties of a moment's clarity in the ugly face of a global charade orchestrated by unholy World Jewry to honor the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians, a parade of cowards, liars and sycophantic psychopaths betrayed the truth, betrayed the human race, and collaborated with the genocidal Israelis to silence any and all expressions of the horror that is the Jewish People, as the Jews actively and aggressively genocide the Palestinians, destroy America, murder millions of Iraqis and Afghanistanis, starve hundred of millions of the most vulnerable of our human race, and plot and connive to instigate a nuclear World War III by attacking the innocent Iranian People. This fallen faction of the "United Nations" is a tribe of Jews who are united to destroy all nations.

To say that these leprous vermin are deserving of shame is to count them among the human race, which they are not. Rather, they are the venom of the snake that blackens the blood of humanity and quiets the heart with the poisonous reassurance that the mortal enemy carries candied treats and monied sweets in its warty hands, which truly bear death and destruction, a sack of human heads gathered up until that last flash of light is seen as the eyes of the last human being roll up into the hard shell of a skull shattered by a Jewish scepter of iron ringing in the bell blast of a nuclear bomb, the pledge of the Jews to their demon god to kill us all, at last fulfilled, the covenant kept and the human race dead, forever dead, as if we had never lived completely dead.

And I must ask myself how it is that our blood could become so polluted with Jewish cash and Jewish selfishness and Jewish lies, that it has congealed into these pernicious traitors in our midst who pretend to righteousness as they condemn us all to death with their deadly aid and comfort for our genocidal enemy, the Jew--the Jew who murders the Palestinians, the Jew who steals from the taxpayer, the Jew who celebrates himself in his press as he kills and cuts and maims women and children.

How is that one born of us can succumb to support such evil as would kill us all? What is the power of this diseased Jewish People that crawled out of the underworld of Babylon to cut us off from life, that among us, born from us, are such as the scum that applaud the Jews and ridicule the truth? Nothing is so dangerous as this community of Jews and their virulent impact on normal life. They are so vile as to teach brother to slay brother, mother to kill child, and mankind to destroy itself. Where does it come from, this infectious murderous Jewish love of death? The Devil himself cannot pretend to such evil as the Jew, because the Devil himself does not pretend to be human so that he kill off the human race through betrayal, or does he?

There will no peace, no justice and no respect for the truth until the Jewish People cease to have any influence whatsoever, anywhere. The Jews are a concentrated poison that turns the leadership of nations into the enemies of those very nations. The Jews are a confusing poison that turns lies into truth, and truth into shame.

The Jews are death. They stink of it and rotting death follows wherever the wandering Jew goes to the ends of the Earth until, as is their ultimate aim, the living Earth weary of their vile presence, ends and death begins.

Death was with the Jews, as they murdered 1.5 million Armenians. Death was with the Jews, as the Jews brought humanity the First World War. Death was the way of the Jews as they slaughtered hundred of millions of men, women and children who fell under total Jewish control in the Communist Jewish World. Death fed well when the Jews gave us the Second World War.

Americans are again dining with death, mass murdering Muslims. We send death abroad at the Jews' request, but death has not forgotten us, for we are rotten with Jewish influence and are therefore rotten and bloated with death. Death is in our bellies now, snaking through our guts. We can puke it out, rid ourselves of Jewish influence, or we can writhe in pain and die a cowardly death as the Jewish worm inside us eats us alive.

Due to the Jews, we kill cowardly. Will we die cowardly, as well?

How hard is it to kill a snake? All it requires is the will to crush its head, which is why the Jews scream out in pain in a shrill chorus when the truth is told, for no human being will bear the sight of them when their monstrous form is unveiled for all to see.