Monday, May 11, 2009

The American People Are Shameful, Suicidal, Silent Cowards: How Can You Fight an Enemy You Are Too Frightened of to Even Name?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A recent poll by the Boston Review proves that at least one third of the American People know that the Jews are to blame for the financial crisis:

State of the Nation: Anti-Semitism and the economic crisis

The financial crisis the Jews have caused is destroying our nation and has already cost the average American dearly. Home values have plummeted. Americans, that is money stolen straight out of your pocket and you know who is to blame, so why are you vile cowards too afraid to ever publicly point your finger at the guilty Jews and demand justice?

Are you shameful, spineless, gutless, murderous fools just going to ignore the fact that the Jews are stealing millions of dollars from your family and are ruining your country? Are you such wretched stinking cowards that you would never put a sign in your yard warning against the Jews, or tack a bumpersticker on your car with a website that told the truth about the Jews?

The Jews have already pounded your sick brains into pulp if you know that they have ruined your lives, and yet you are too scared to ever publicly state the truth. You have no chance to effectively fight back against them if you are too cowardly to even speak their name. And this is one of the reasons why the crypto-Jews want you to never blame the Jews for what you know the Jews have done, but rather to hide in your wet trousers and parrot the line that it is the "Zionists" not the Jews. Frightened little scum, and you think you can battle back the Jews when you cannot even utter the word "Jew"?

Yet you send money and arms to Israel and mass murder Iraqis and Afghanistanis who have done you no harm, but you are too gutless to say the word Jew and speak the truth you believe. It is disgusting what self-defeating cowards Americans have become.

A poll reveals that one third of Americans know the truth about the Jews, so why do we hear nothing from them? Where are the banners hanging from windows condemning the Jewish thieves? Where are the billboards warning against the disloyal Jews? Where are the journalists, academicians and politicians who not only cannot NOT know what Americans in general know, but are even more likely to know the truth about the Jews?

Our nation is under an intense attack. People are dying. The Jews are deliberately destroying the World economy and billions will die. Why are you cowards who know this remaining silent? How much longer will you hide in quiet as the Jews rape you and our nation, as the Jews slaughter billions?

Since one third of Americans know this truth, why is it not heard often in public? Where are the mainstream protests against the Jews?

Every time you chastise someone for honestly uttering the name of the Jew to instead lie and claim it is the "Zionists" who are destroying us, you are fighting this war on the side of the Jews and are betraying and destroying the American People and the rest of humanity. You are a coward and a liar and a soldier fighting for the Jews against the innocent. You are demanding that others become the same type of lying coward that you are and you are preventing the first necessary phase of counterattack, identifying the enemy. You are demanding that honest and courageous people fear the Jews so much that they are afraid to ever tell the truth again, afraid even of cowards like you who are there to defame them for speaking the truth.

The Jew is the enemy, and the Jew's declaration of war on humanity is written for all to read in the Torah and every other major Jewish work written since the Old Testament first put voice to the murderous curse on the human race that is World Jewry.