Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bloodthirsty Religious Jews Who Sought to Steal "Greater Israel" From the Natives, But Who Were NOT "Political Zionists"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The story of the Jewish desire to steal the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and conquer the World begins with the grandfather of the Jews, Abram/Abraham. Abraham was a Babylonian from Ur, not a Canaanite. He sought to conquer the land where he and his following were strangers, which is to say, the Jews were always genocidal foreign invaders, not natives of what is today the nation of "Israel"–itself a religious name for Jacob.

The genocidal Old Testament Jew Moses sought to mass murder the natives of "Greater Israel" and steal their land. The murderous slaver Moses wanted to conquer the World with usury and enslave the human race for the benefit of the Jews.

The genocidal Jew Joshua also sought to kill off the natives of "Greater Israel" and steal their land. Among scores of other such bloodthirsty racist Jews we find the Jews' personal favorite mass murderer, King David, a treacherous snake who was so venomously evil the Jewish devil chastised David for his wretched treachery, but the Jews to this day love their King David.

Skipping over centuries of Jewish genocide and slave taking, we have the Maccabees, another favorite of modern Jews, who slaughtered Greeks and assimilated Jews in pursuit of Jewish racial purity and the conquest of lands in which the Jews were strangers. Nero's Jewish wife burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. Jews led the "Roman" persecutions of Christians, as the early Christians thoroughly recorded. The murderous Jew Bar Kochba also sought to take the land of "Greater Israel" and chase out all others. Mind you, these were highly religious Jews who lived thousands of years before Theodor Herzl.

Again fast forwarding through the centuries of highly religious genocidal Jews who sought to steal "Greater Israel" from the natives and to conquer the World, we have Isaac Luria, Shabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. The Rothschilds were and are highly religious Jews, as were the Schiffs, Warburgs (Del Bancos), and the other prominent and interrelated Jewish bankers who created Zionism and Communism.

Moses Hess and Karl Marx were religious Jews. Marx loved his Talmud which is the pinnacle of Jewish religious literature. The Chabad Lubavitch are highly religious Jews. Watch for yarmulkes at ADL and AIPAC meetings.

Clearly, the Jews and crypto-Jews who are attempting to mislead you to believe that Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism are liars who are attempting to camouflage their fellow Jews as the Jewish People wage war on the human race. Zionism is the fulfillment of Jewish religious myth. Political Zionism is but one branch of Zionism. There are millions of Jewish Religious Zionists, and tens of millions of religious Christian Zionists–which itself proves that the vast majority of "Zionists" are highly religious persons. However, if the Jews are removed from influence, Christian Zionism will almost immediately fade away.

The vast majority of the worst of the Jews and mass murdering agents of the Jews were either not Political Zionists, or were religious Jews pursuing Judaism and/or the perverse Jewish mentality in their insane quest to conquer the World. To this long list we should add as a good example Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein). Communist Jews led the anti-Zionists of the World, but were still infected with the Jewish, not merely "Political Zionist", desire for the Jews to conquer the World, murder off the best of the Gentiles, and enslave all non-Jews. Many Jews who were not Political Zionists, and/or who were religious Jews, were the worst enemies the human race has ever faced. The vast majority of the expulsions of the Jews took place before Theodor Herzl was born.

"Political Zionism" is effectively dead, a fulfilled relic of a bygone era. The Jewish State exists. We live in a post-Zionistic era. It is the Jewish People, and their "Christian" slaves who foolishly call themselves "Christian Zionists", who are attacking us. It is the Jewish People who are ruling over us and directing their "Christian" slaves to attack us. It is the Jewish People whom we must defeat. It is the Jewish People who are demanding that we call Jews, "Zionists", as one of their endless series of deceptions to buy themselves more time in which to destroy us.