Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Censored Again: Yet Another Instance Where the Jews Have Attacked My Rights to Speak, and Your Rights to Hear What I Have to Say

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has censored my video:

The Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews Killed Jesus

This latest attack on my rights of freedom of speech is another reminder that Jews must be removed from influence in the World. None of us will be free to speak the truth as long as Jews are allowed to attack our rights and control the means of expression in our societies. The Jews have always been intolerant of the rights of others and have always been censors, because the Jews have always been murderers with countless crimes to hide.

The self-proclaimed Jewish murder of the prophets, including Jesus Christ, Muhammed and several others, is itself proof that the Jews always sought to silence anyone who held different views from them. The Jews desire to murder any person who speaks the truth. Jewish censorship is a deliberate part of the Jewish plan to kill off the human race.

It is easier for the Jews to murder compliant and ignorant slaves, than to ever attempt a fair fight. The Jews are cowards and have always been mass murderers. The Jews seek to silence these facts, and in so doing provide more proof of what they are and what a danger they pose to the human race.

It is not irony that the Jews have silenced my voice telling of how the Jews silenced Jesus and poisoned Muhammed. It is rather proof of the timeless consistency of the anti-human nature of the Jew and the threat that the Jews pose to us all with their never ending attack on our rights, our freedoms and our very lives. The Jews have always acted in this way and will continue to act in this disgusting and aggressive manner as long as they are permitted to share the Earth with normal human beings.

We are engaged in a struggle to the death with World Jewry. The Jews are determined to kill us. We must defend ourselves or perish. I hope you heed my words before my voice is silenced forever. There is no one else revealing to you the truths I am telling you.