Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Clamping Down on the Jew While Giving America Back to Americans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



When the Power Party takes over the reins of government, we will do more than removing the Jews from public life. We will also fix the damage the Jews have done to our society.

The Jews not only view the Gentile as subhuman, as insects, they have stolen away the dignity of man from the law by instituting the corporation and the publicly traded stock based company. The Jew has created artificial persons behind which to hide and upon which to base the economies of the World on speculation–which is to say, the Jew has rigged the system so that the Goyim must guess as the Jews trade on insider information and manipulate ownership and value to serve Jewish interest while bankrupting and destroying the non-Jew. The Jew has taken away the value of citizenship and land ownership and replaced them with the love of money, money which the Jew makes as the Jew destroys real production in the American economy.

A fitting example exists in the state of American agriculture. The Jewish owned corporations have taken over agriculture just as the Jewish Communists took over the agriculture of the Slavs and Romanians under their control. The Jews created the Great Depression, in part, to win themselves ownership of the land, which they themselves never work, and to subject the "commodities", the life blood and sustanance of the People, the produce of labor, to the impersonal Jewish marketplace where the Jews can internationalize and exploit the products of American labor for their personal profit, while degrading the nutrition and economic well-being of the American People in general.

We must not only cut off the Jew from public life, but take away the production of our food and other economic necessities from the Jewish owned corporations. We must take away the right of Jews and their agents to own that which they do not work. We must return the land and the houses to those that rightfully own them, to Americans who are loyal to America.

In the Soviet Union and its Jewish controlled satelites, the Jews stole all of the land, houses and businesses and put them under Jewish control. The Jews took away the incentives of the peoples of the nations of the countries they controlled to better the nation and provide the people of the nation with food, goods and services which served the national interest. The Jews have done the same to America, calling the hostile Jewish subversion and destruction "Capitalism" and the "free market", by corporatizing the farms, houses and businesses and subjecting those properties to the marketplaces the Jews corrupt and to the credit institutions the Jews own, thereby stealing all, just as the Jews do under Communism, and with the same ultimate results.

We must offer the American People ownership and credit to build America. To rid America of poisons and inefficient housing and infrastructute and to provide Americans with healthy food and safe medical care; we must return America to its People as well as excluding the hostile and genocidal Jew. The Jews have deliberately taken over and subverted the very things which make Americans a People serving one another while serving their own individual interests, and have substituted empty dollars for American citizenship, business and land ownership.

We do not only have to clamp off the arteries and close off the hemorrhaging which will always exist where the Jew exists, but we must mend the wound and restore the body of our nation to health. I increasingly hear agents of the Jews calling for secession and forgiving Jewry as is the Jews themselves are victims of "political Zionism". Imagine what will become of us if States break away from the Union, lose power over the armed forces and our nuclear arsenal and surrender the power of our nation to hostile minorities who will join with the Communist Chinese against us?

Shun these agents of the Jews!

Become again Americans, pioneers, entrepreneurs and most of all fighters! Do not give away what our forefathers earned with blood and other immense sacrifice. Just face the enemy and shut down the Jew and Jewish institutions. Do not let the Jew steal our lands through corporations. Do not let the Jew steal our wealth with debt based currencies including the gold standard and Federal Reserve System. Do not let our Autarky, our food, depend upon Jewish owned corporations which deliberately feed us poisons that corrupt our genetics and rob our descendants of health and unmutated human existence, as the Jews through debt rob them of their future.

Do not listen to the agents of the Jews who tell you that there is no hope and that you must hide rather than fight. Our nation has lost none of our territory. We still have our property, if only we claim it and deny the Jew the ability to steal it with such artifices as the corporation and usury based taxation.

When the POWER PARTY clamps down on the Jew, we will also free the non-Jew and give back what the Jews have stolen. We will eliminate taxes. We will give back not only land, homes and businesses, but also hope, health, peace, stability, comfort, families, love and prosperity. We will ensure that the purpose of America is to serve Americans, not Jews.