Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fighting a War by Patching up the Bullet Holes and Handing the Enemy More Ammo?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish People have been engaged in an aggressive war on the human race for at least 2,500 years. Today, America is falling apart because the Jews are actively attacking us. Yet, the Jews have our "leaders" pretending that the problems we face are due to problems with the system. So instead of fighting back against the Jews, we offer them more money and more control, supposedly so that they can fix the system they have deliberately subverted to work in the interests of the Jews and against the interests of Americans and the rest of humanity.

The Jews are shooting at us, and instead of fighting back at them, we congratulate them on their marksmanship and pretend that we can fix the situation by paying the Jews to patch up the bullet holes and by giving the Jews more guns and ammunition with which to shoot at us. We also pay Jewish doctors to sew up the wounds the Jewish soldiers cause, and compliment the Jewish doctors on the difficulty of the task of acquiring the poisons, when the Jewish doctors murder the gun shot victims with poisoned thread.

The reason why our systems are failing is because the Jews are waging war against us and undermining all that we do. The problem with the dollar is not that it is a "fiat currency", but rather that the Jews are deliberately undermining its use as the reserve currency of the World, are cutting back on credit, and are openly stealing tens of trillions of dollars from us. No currency could survive this unchallenged attack, and had there been no such attack, the dollar would be serving us very well, and would serve us even better if we unhitched it from Jewish usury. The dollar is not problem, nor is the American worker the problem, nor is the Chinese worker the problem.

The problem we face is the aggressive Jew, who is warring against us, and the only solution is to fight back and defeat the aggressive enemy. Once we begin to fight back, there are many different systems which can serve our needs. Until we begin to fight back full force, no system will serve our needs, because the hostile Jews will remain free to steal and destroy all that we build.

How can we complain that we are losing our nation when the Jews are waging war on us and all we do to rescue ourselves is hire the Jews to patch up the bullet holes with dung and slay the wounded? The enemy is running, and deliberately ruining, our country. We have to respond to this Jewish attack and purge ourselves of the enemy forces mingling among us as if our best. We have to recognize that the Jews are warring against us, and destroy this enemy. There is no other way to survive. It is suicidal to pretend otherwise. Every nation which has failed to respond full force to the Jewish problem has perished under the Jewish attack, which never relents.

But beware, the Ghetto also serves the Jew. The key is to prevent the quarantined Jews from concentrating, or running somewhere else to continue their war against you from abroad.

The largest Jewish populations are in the US and Israel. By fighting back against the Jew, we Americans can easily shut down Israel and defang the enemy Jews in America. We can also destroy the Jewish banking establishment and use our military to hunt them down.

America can do more to defeat the aggressive Jews than any other nation on Earth. Rather than ruining the World, we can save it. Quarantining the Jews in America and isolating Israel will fetter at least ten million of the enemy. Without these liars and subversives running free in the World to wreak havoc on the nations--"Goyim" means "the nations" and is a racist Old Testament term for non-Jews--we can also assist other nations to purge themselves of the Jewish enemy who is attacking us all and who will never relent until either the Jews disappear, or the Jews exterminate the human race, which is their self-appointed mission.