Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For Cowards and Liars, "Zionism" Is the New "Communism"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



It used to be that cowards who were afraid to call Jews, "Jews", would speak in couched terms and euphemisms for Judaism and Jews, often referring to Jews instead as "Communists" and "Bolsheviks". Not all Jews were Communists or Bolsheviks, but most all Jews had the perverse Jewish mentality which the cowards meant to describe with the euphemisms of "Communist" and "Bolshevik". Many of the worst Jews then, as now, pretended in public to be something they were not, making it difficult, if not impossible, to defend against Jewry without directly identifying the Jews as the proclaimed enemy of humanity that they are.

The most ardent truly communistic Jews were the most ardent anti-Zionists, but they remained Jews, loyal to the tribe, disloyal to the host nations, and hateful of the human race. The most ardent truly Zionistic Jews were anti-Communist, but they remained Jews, loyal to the tribe, disloyal to the host nations, and hateful of the human race.

It is a cowardly mistake to call Jews simply Communists or Zionists. It is an admission of fear and defeat. It is a proclamation that the Jew is your master and you dare not speak the name of your lord and master. When you call a Jew, a "Zionist" when it would be more appropriate to call that same Jew simply a "Jew", you are groveling, demonstrating your fear and supplication, and defeating your cause before you have even begun to fight back against World Jewry. You are letting the Jew know that you are afraid and will not fight back, as the Jew knocks you down and picks your pocket. You are lowering your tail and whimpering as the Jew trots by, head held high, crown untoppled, and pockets stuffed to overflowing with your wealth.

The Jews and crypto-Jews who advise you to defeat yourselves by camouflaging Jewry with euphemisms like "Communist" and "Zionist" are on the same team as the Jews who advise you to defeat yourselves with euphemisms like "Illuminist" or "Luciferian". Indeed, many of these same Jews and crypto-Jews deliberately distract you and destroy your cohesion by prompting you to fight with comparatively unimportant Jews who use such terms, while discouraging you from taking on the big players, World Jewry as an entity, and from becoming politically active and organized. They waste your time with petty infighting, which they stage amongst themselves, as World Jewry lays waste to the human race.

Call the Jews, "Jews". If they are ashamed of what they are, there are good reasons why. If you are too cowardly to call them what they are, then you are on their side and share in their shame.