Sunday, May 17, 2009

Indictments and Rallies Against the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I believe we need to organize rallies against the Jews. It would be good to begin this process with some form of internet rally. We need an army to battle back the Jew, and we must develop the mass psychology in our people that recognizes we are under attack and that we are united in our defense.

Rather than childishly, sheepishly and euphemistically calling hostile Jews, "Zionists", we should instead call them "enemy Jews", or "members of the Israeli fifth column". Rather than ascribing enemy Jews' behavior and psychology to a "Zionist" mind set, we should correctly ascribe it to the "perverse Jewish mentality".

We should point out that the Jews have always been tribal, loyal only to each other, and hateful towards all non-Jews. We should point out that disproportionate Jewish influence, wherever it appears, is a sure indication that the Jews are practicing their ancient supremacist arts to the detriment of the majority. Not only are the Jews corruptly undemocratic, they are also antagonistic to the majority. They are the enemy, by their choice, through their actions, and no one else's.

Our language and our actions must reflect the fact that the Jews are waging war against us, and that we have begun to fight back against them. Identifying the Jew as the enemy has a unifying effect. It promotes commonality, clarity and urgency of purpose among normal human beings.

For example, pointing out that a member of the government is a Jew carries with it the history, connotation and understanding that the Jews have from the beginning of the Jewish tribe declared that the Jews are a master race above all others and are engaged in an aggressive perpetual war against the human race with the stated objective of exterminating all non-Jews, that Jews are united against all others, that Jews believe that they should lie to, cheat and murder non-Jews, that Jews believe that they should subvert every non-Jewish government, that Jews believe that they must always do what is good for the Jews and no other, and that the Jews believe that they must use usury to enslave non-Jewish humanity. It is the Jews who chose to war against humanity. Humanity will now solve the problem for the benefit of the present and all future generations.

I suggest that we generate interest in rallies against the Jews by means of testimonials, open and anonymous. We could create simple video testimonials of how the Jews have harmed us. People could speak of Communist atrocities, economic atrocities, political atrocities, etc. that they have personally experienced, or that they have learned of from relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. People could tell how Jews have cheated, connived, lied, etc. Journalists, and even YouTubers and message boarders, could relay their experiences with Jewish censorship. Politicians could speak of how the Jews have exercised undue influence to corrupt the political process. Doctors, lawyers, and researchers could disclose the tribalism of the Jews in the professions and universities. The idea is to get people talking, to let people know they are not alone and need not be afraid, and to create a common understanding of the war being waged against us and the fact that we are now fighting back.

I also suggest we generate interests in rallies against the Jews by preparing indictments of the Jewish People. I suggest we break the indictments down into categories and subcategories, including Jewish mass murder, Jewish subversion of governments, Jewish murders and intimidation of religious prophets and other religious figures and historical instances of the Jewish subversion of other religions, Jewish corruption of the professions, Jewish corruption of the courts, Jewish corruption of the universities and peer review processes, Jewish corruption of business interests, Jewish corruption of the press, etc.

I will get the ball rolling by preparing tentative lists of these crimes, and naming sources who have leveled these accusations against the Jews through the millennia. I ask my readers to email me additions, preferably with sources. Please date stamp your submissions and if you would like your name to be identified when your submission is published to the public, then so indicate. One of my goals here is to demonstrate that the Jews are not just individuals, but a history of a parasitic, racist tribe waging war on the human race. The Jews must be viewed in the historical context of the Jewish war on humanity. We must defend ourselves, in part, by recognizing what the Jews have already done to destroy us and elevate themselves; and by acknowledging the historical and proven fact that the Jews are still a hostile tribe waging aggressive war on mankind.

Another of my goals is to prepare evidence for the court of public opinion as to the threat that the Jews pose to us all, and to awaken the public to the Jewish attack and the substance and form that it has traditionally taken. If I can attract interest in these projects, they will themselves become a sort of rally against World Jewry, but I envision something far greater in the near future as mankind suffers the "birthpangs of the Jewish messianic era", suffering the Jews are deliberately bringing to the human race.

Our political army should rise up organically as an immunological reaction on a societal level to a foreign and fatal infection. Our purpose should be to identify the enemy, use political means to quarantine it and prevent it from doing further harm, and to prevent its access to the body of our nation and the organs of power. We should adopt something like a uniform, with the anonymity (both through numbers and through cover), power and common purpose that a uniform implies. But that will come a little later as the political army forms.

First we must trigger the will to survive of our People. We must awaken them, organize them and direct them.