Thursday, May 07, 2009

An Interesting Development and a Nit to Pick: "Montana Firearms Freedom Act"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It appears that the State of Montana has passed a new law exempting itself from Federal jurisdiction over its domestic gun production and gun ownership. The States have long held that they are separate sovereigns from the Federal Government, such that the citizen is subject to double jeopardy by both the State and the Federal Government. Let us see if this can, for once, work in favor of citizens' rights, given that the Federal Constitution constrains the powers of the Federal Government:

"Montana Firearms Freedom Act"

If I am reading this legislation correctly, it would legalize the production and ownership within the borders of Montana of shotguns with a bore size greater than 10 gauge, but less than 1.5 inches. However, my reading of the law would indicate that shotgun ammunition would be restricted to slugs? The law reads:

"Section 5. Exceptions. [Section 4] does not apply to: [***] (4) a firearm that discharges two or more projectiles with one activation of the trigger or other firing device."

While this is an obvious reference to automatic weapons firing multiple cartridges with each activation of the triggering mechanism, it could be misunderstood to proscribe the use of shotgun shells firing multiple projectiles from a single cartridge, such as bird and buck shot, or even a "pumpkin ball" with wading or a sabotted slug. Of course, this is not the intent of the law and the Montana legislature could state its intent or amend the law if ever the issue arose, which it won't.

Some are speculating that this new law could result in a showdown between the State and the Federal Government which could provoke a move for secession. I believe in the law, and would even broaden it. However, I believe that it should be used as a means to strengthen the Union, rather than weaken it.

Rather than making this law a call for the disintegration of our great and beloved country, I suggest we make it a rallying cry for the empowerment of the American People to remove subversive agents from the Federal Government through lawful political means. Montana would have a hard time maintaining itself as a nation against the nuclear armed US. It is landlocked and would have a difficult time supplying itself with food and other resources, should hostilities break out. It could be taxed to death quickly or simply cut off from the rest of the World, by the US and Jewish controlled Canada.

We have the power to change the complexion of the Federal Government. We need only exercise that power. It will be far easier to simply restore the Union and purge it of Communist Jews, than to fight out another Civil War which will only weaken us and make room for the Communist Chinese to invade the Americas and wipe out all traces of Europeans from the continent and from the Earth, which is the Jews' goal. We have a wonderful country with advantages others can only dream about. We also have an enemy population destroying us within our borders. The war is not against ourselves, but rather against the Israeli fifth column.