Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mike Rivero of Should Stop Trying to Sell Us on an Israeli Attack on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For some time now, I have observed that Mike Rivero of has been trying to sell us on an Israeli attack on Iran, in that he responds to articles discussing the Israeli desire for an attack on Iran by commenting that the Israelis should go ahead and attack Iran but should leave the United States out of it. His approach to the problem is wrongheaded at best. Typical of Rivero's comments is his statement of 20 May 2009,

"[. . .] It seems to be yet another trial balloon for American consumption, threatening that if the US won't knock out yet another of Israel's "existential threats" (just like Saddam and Iraq's non-existent nukes), Israel will go ahead and knock Iran over the head militarily.

And you know what?? Let's just let them do just that, and sit this one out. Our military has its hands full with Iraq, Afghanistan, and (very soon) Pakistan. [. . .]"

Israel has no right to wage aggressive war on Iran and Mike Rivero must know that, so why is he encouraging such an attack? Is he being sarcastic? If so, I am not an unsophisticated reader, and do not detect it.

I am reminded that some White Nationalist websites and posters on message boards often state that we should let the Jews and the Muslims fight it out. I guess we are to abandon morality and to ignore our own interests in preventing a war which will likely escalate to involve us and which will likely escalate into a nuclear World War Three, by Jewish design.

Rivero is not a white nationalist, but is the descendant of Marrano Jews. Why would he want Israel to attack Iran? What has Iran ever done to Mike Rivero?