Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the Failure to Utilize Resources, Protectionism and Autarky

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



It is funny, in the sense of "odd", that the Jews have us railing against protecting our own interests. The Jews have us decrying Protectionism, as if protecting our interests will destroy us. The Jews have us maintaining open borders as if protecting our sovereignty would destroy our moral souls and rob us of immortality granted by a Jewish god. The Jews have blacks hating blacks, whites hating whites, Christians hating Christians, etc. as if our worst enemy is ourselves and the only way to save ourselves is to destroy ourselves.

When the Jews send machine guns and propaganda pamphlets into Third World nations, the masses the Jews have frustrated through exploitation celebrate the chance to lash out and murder. They feel a sudden sense of empowerment and independence. They go from being a common peasant to being a soldier. But these guns aren't given to the peasants for them to kill their true and ultimate enemy, the Jew. Rather, the guns are given to the peasants and their nations so that they can kill, weaken and enslave one another.

If the Jewish controlled CIA and KGB had ever really wanted to help the Third World, they would have given them schools and investment capital directed to production and without usury attached. They would have opened markets for export and reduced tariffs. They would have increased local profits while reducing or eliminating the profits of foreign investors.

Consider these facts as you ponder the Jewish organized Libertarian Party and "Patriot Movement". Do they want us to arm ourselves so that we can battle back against Jewry, or so that we can slaughter one another? Do they want to deregulate business so that local profits increase, or so that robber Baron Jews can again exploit our resources without giving anything back to the local community? Do they want us on a gold standard so that prices are stable, or so that they can profit from gold which does not exist and privately control our money supply, while internationalizing our markets to reduce our wages and purchasing power to the lowest levels possible?

The Jews have deliberately destroyed American domestic production, American housing markets, and the American automobile industry. Concurrently, the Jews have increased unemployment, homelessness, and personal and national debt. The Jews have promoted inefficiency, reckless energy consumption, and service jobs. The Jews drive the youth into poverty, then offer up military service as the only viable alternative.

These are terrible crimes against our nation. Whenever the citizens request assistance from the State and government spending, the Jews cry foul, while the Jews steal trillions of dollars from the taxpayer, which could instead fund all that is needed to make America a paradise in which to live. The money is there, but the Jews are stealing it and concurrently throwing Americans deeper into unpayable debt.

Now the Jews want us to turn against ourselves and destroy any and all hope of realizing the potential that America offers us. Unemployed people are a wasted resource. Crumbling buildings where industry should thrive is a waste of resources. Battles between the States, where the States should be cooperating to benefit the American People, waste resources. Allowing the super rich to internationalize our national resources without benefitting the general welfare of Americans sends our jobs overseas, destroys our independence and strength, and burdens our future generations with debt, ignorance, a lack of infrastructure and a lack of economic culture which should instead make America the best place on Earth to live.

The resources exist today, as they existed in the past, to build America into the greatest community mankind has ever known. Russia, too, has the potential for Autarky and as yet unrealized greatness. It is the Jews who destroy the leadership and the mind of the public, who prevent us from realizing our potential. We are not free to "lift ourselves up by the bootstraps" because the Jews control the mechanisms power, information and politics. You can not free yourself from bubonic plague while declaring the rights of rats to run free in the streets and open up your cupboards and storehouses to the rat population. You cannot win a war by inviting the enemy into your homes. There is no fair competition because the Jews wage psychological warfare on all others, while working together to strengthen their common hand and weaken all others. For there to be fair competition, and for us to improve ourselves, we must fight back against the enemy who, figuratively and literally, bombs our factories, poisons our wells and our minds, and denies us our liberty in the name of freedom, their freedom to enslave us.

Just as the Jew cries, "Anti-Semitism" whenever anyone tries to prevent the Jews from enslaving them; the Jew cries "tyranny" whenever anyone tries to open up the marketplace of ideas to the majority and take away the Jewish monopoly on the public debate. The Jew owns the means of communication in politically meaningful ways, and the Jew sophistically declares it is his democratic right to monopolize the marketplace for the benefit of his minority against the interests of the majority.

Democracy must serve the majority as well as protecting the rights of the minority. A system which protects the rights of the minority so as to deprive the majority of its rights is not a democracy. In a democracy, the minority only has the right to its minority share. The Jews have twisted this simple fact to overstep democracy and make it rule by minority. The right of the minority to its minority share has become, in Jewish hands, the right for the hostile Jewish minority to steal everything by acting as a unit, while engaging in psychological warfare against the majority to prevent it from acting in its interests.

The POWER PARTY will ensure that minorities do not take more than their proportional share, and that any hostile minorities will be recognized as enemies of the nation at war against the American People.

The maintenance of liberty and democracy requires eternal vigilance and must often take the form of the protection of the majority from a hostile minority which is monopolizing the resources of the nation against the best interests of the majority. Where a minority has corrupted the system to take more than its proportional share of the wealth, public discourse, political representation, etc. of the nation, its has exceeded its right to an equal share and has engaged in an attack on the rights of the majority to their proportional share. This is an even greater crime against the People than when the majority conspires to deprive a minority of its proportional share, for the simple reason that the tyranny ruins the lives of a larger percentage of the citizenry.

In a democracy, the minority must be protected from the tyranny of the majority, but this requires the definition that the minority is only entitled to its proportional minority share. What goes unsaid is the fact that in a democracy, the majority also must be protected from the tyranny of the minority. Stupid people fail to realize that a majority can be subverted by a minority and that a minority can rule a nation which seeks to be a democracy by controlling the public debate, controlling the wealth, etc. When a minority controls the majority of the wealth, the majority of the sources of public information, the majority of political dollars, etc. it is not a minority but instead a majority share of the means of control, and in this way imposes the tyranny of a minority population over the majority population, where the minority population controls the majority of power.

In order for us to maximize our resources for the best use by our people, we must break the yoke of the tyranny of the minority Jewish population and ensure our equal and proportional share of the benefits of the nation. We are not utilizing our resources, because to do so would free us from the Jew, and the Jew has chosen to oppress the majority by limiting its growth and success. The Jew is the majority money holder, especially when calculated as a group interest competing against individuals who are not corruptly working together against all others. The Jew is the majority owner of media and political power. This is how the Jewish minority exercises tyranny over the non-Jewish majority, by controlling the majority of things abstract and non-human. The majority population has the right and the duty to protect itself from the tyranny of the hostile Jewish minority.