Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pitting a People Against Itself: Beware Secessionists, Especially Those of the Ron Paul, Goldbug, Jewish Variety

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The current crisis between North Korea and South Korea, in which a proud people threatens to destroy itself, highlights the need to be wary of Jewish manufactured revolutions and secessionist movements. After the Jewish created Second World War, the Jews took over several nations which were occupied by Japan and the Soviet Union, and the Jews pitted these peoples against themselves.

Korea is one of these nations which suffers from this Jewish aggression against the human race. Just as the Jews caused the bloodiest conflict Americans have yet fought, the American Civil War, the Jews are driving the Korean People to slaughter one another, and destabilize the World.

After World War II, and the breakup of the empires, the Jews also pitted the Vietnamese against the Vietnamese, the Germans against the Germans, the Chinese against Chinese, the Indians against Indians, etc. Today, the Jews want to break apart the American Empire. Not only do the Jews want to destroy America's leading role in the World, they want the Empire to also crumble from within, such that the American People once again battle against the American People.

That is why we see the Jewish created Ron Paul movement advocating revolution and secession, as an outgrowth of the Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises Rothschild school of controlled opposition to the Jewish World Empire that is presently being finalized. The Ron Paul controlled opposition to Jewish Empire seeks to implement the very things which will destroy America forever and leave us absolute and defenseless slaves of Jewry: revolution, secession, gold money, aversion to unity and commonality of purpose, and the refusal to identify Jewry as the enemy of mankind together with the institution of Jewish ideology and leadership as if Americanism.

If you believe that Jewish inspired revolution and secession bear beautiful fruits, look to the Soviet Union under Trotsky and Kaganovich, Communist China under Mao, North Vietnam under Minh, North Korea under Kim Jong-il, India/Pakistan, Cambodia under Pol Pot, etc.; and you will observe the horrors of Jewish puppet dictatorships which often begin as revolutions and secessionist movements. Now imagine Americans battling one another, or simply in constant conflict over borders, water rights, railway routes, tariffs, citizenship, etc. Think of what we will lose, if we surrender our territory and our unity. Imagine the difficulties that will arise in food production, industry and the movement and use of resources, should we become hostile towards one another.

If you think the Jews are making your lives needlessly difficult and complicated today, imagine the horrors of Americans dropping bombs on Americans, Americans placing Americans in concentration camps, Americans destroying American cities and infrastructure. If you think it can't happen, you have forgotten your history.

Just as the neo-Conservative crowd were the architects of the plan to Balkanize Middle Eastern nations, including Iraq; the Ayn Rand-Ludwig von Mises-Libertarian-Ron Paul crowd are the architects of the plan to Balkanize and destroy America. We can read their plans in their position statements, just as we see the plans of the neo-Conservatives and Israelis in their position statements. Do not take these issues lightly. The death of our nation is at hand if we do not organize politically to defend ourselves from Jewry, including Jewish controlled opposition.