Sunday, May 31, 2009

POWER PARTY Policy: The Power of the Pardon and the Right to Political Asylum in America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The POWER PARTY can garner support, improve humanity, aid our cause, and embolden and motivate our members by instituting a policy that when elected, we will pardon those who have been persecuted by the Jews for fighting back against World Jewry, and we will grant political asylum to those who fight the Jews on foreign soil, and those who engage in normal human discussion of Jewish issues, and who are imprisoned by the Jews or are likely to be imprisoned by the Jews for engaging in this needed conduct. We will also send our military to foreign lands in rescue operations to free those who have fought with us against Jewry and who have been imprisoned for doing so. We will embargo, boycott and utilize other pressures on foreign governments which act on behalf of the Jews to persecute normal human beings.

This will motivate our citizens to vote for our Party and promote interest in our cause. It will also raise public awareness of the Jewish campaign to strip us of our most fundamental rights and to imprison us for defending ourselves from Jewish aggression.

We can invoke the names of our heroes and champion the cause of freeing them as reasons to vote for the POWER PARTY. We will also show our heroes that they enjoy broad support, which will give them hope and purpose to continue to stay strong and fight on against the aggressor. The public will recognize the urgent need to elect POWER PARTY officials both to free those who have defended us, and to prevent the further erosion of our rights and the consequent empowerment of Jewry.