Monday, May 18, 2009

Revealing the Nature of the Enemy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest someone create a website dedicated to testimonials which disclose the inhuman, disgusting, subversive, racist and aggressive nature of the Jewish People. The website could post links to videos on Israeli white slavery operations, where women describe how the Jews enslaved and raped them. Adjacent to such posts, the website could include a comment section so that others can reveal their testimonials. Such videos already exists, and it would be a benefit to the human race to produce more and interview victims of Jewish perversion and barbarity.

There are already videos on Jewish child abuse and ritual murder of infants. The website could link to these, and again allow a comments section.

The website should document the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians and offer a comments section for Palestinians to record Jewish attacks against them. The comments sections will afford victims the opportunity to document the Jewish war on mankind, and create interest in the subject as people discuss these issues and convey their personal experiences with the enemy.

The website and each entry should include some sort of disclaimer and cautionary advisory that the Jews have always sought to sabotage, subvert and discredit such revelations of Jewish atrocities against the human race, by themselves acting as agents provocateur and impostors. That way, when the Jews commit such duplicitous, deceitful and utterly dishonest actions, it will work against them, not against non-Jews. The Jewish subversion will then only serve as another example of what wretched creatures the Jews have always shown themselves to be.

Since the Jews insist upon destroying humanity in almost every way imaginable, the potential threads of testimonials against Jewish criminality are nearly endless. I suspect such a website would attract great attention and accomplish much. I do not have the time to create it–too many irons in the fire already. I merely put out the idea as a possibility.

When the American People learn what vile and murderous people are the modern Jews and the identical historical Jews, the awareness will trigger their will to survive and their desire to fight back against the aggressor, lest we all face the fate of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Armenians, Ukrainians, etc.