Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rights, Citizenship and Statehood: Piercing the Achilles' Heel of Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In nations where the Jews had not the means to brainwash the citizenry with whatever form of Holocaust propaganda was then current--the Jews have always created lies with which to paint themselves as victims and justify the Jewish genocide of Gentiles, from the Jewish myth of Egyptian slavery, to the Jewish myths of Assyrian and Babylonian captivity, to the Jewish myths of the Amalekites and Haman, to the Jewish myths of persecution by Antiochus IV and Caligula, down through to the present day myths of Jewish victimhood--in countries where the citizens had self-respect and a healthy and natural (unperverted) will to survive, the Gentile citizenry freely thought about, discussed and implemented rational means to defend themselves from the aggression of World Jewry. In places where normal human beings did not allow the Jews to mold their minds into Jewish serving mush, people took action to protect themselves from the murderous Jew.

The Jew considers himself to be a member of the Jewish nation, of which the nation of Israel is only a part, the sovereignty of the Jew exists in his personal being and the existence of his fellows who have traveled to the ends of the Earth to conquer it for the Jews. The World is the Jews' territory, in his beliefs and practices.

The Jew considers himself to be a citizen of the Jewish nation and believes it is his duty to destroy every other national identity. The stated mission of the Jews is to make the World a Jewish World. The Jew is determined to spread the "light" of Lucifer to the entire globe and "illuminate" all to practice Jewish devil worship.

The Jew believes that only Jews have rights and that Gentiles are not human and must be eradicated. The Jew believes that it is "moral" to use immoral tactics and strategies to destroy the Gentile and everything that the Gentile owns and represents.

The Jews, therefore, have no loyalty other than to fellow Jews and to their devil god. They do what they can to destroy everything good and natural in the World. The only land they revere is Canaan, the homeland of the devil. The only nation in which they are faithful citizens is the Jewish people. The only right the non-Jew has, is to serve, and die serving, the divine master race of the Jews. As such, the Jews deliberately destroy every other human endeavor.

Back when normal human beings respected themselves and their own peoples, they fought back against the Jew. Normal human beings used to view the Jew honestly and rationally, and the rational and natural response to the Jew is to refuse the aggressive Jew any rights to destroy you, to refuse the Jew citizenship which enables the Jew to infiltrate and subvert your nation, and to deny the Jew the ability to genocide the native peoples of Canaan, steal their land, their wealth and their lives, and establish a formal State in Canaan to be ruled by a Jewish King in league with the Jewish devil from the Jewish Temple of Satan.

It does not require any intense effort to conclude that it is reckless, dangerous, indeed suicidal, to allow a declared enemy, the Jew, rights, citizenship and a State by which to murder you, destroy your nation, culture, religion and genetic heritage. The intense effort is exhausted by the Jews, who pollute the minds of the Gentiles to have them hating themselves and worshiping the Jews and the Jewish devil.

In order to counter-attack the Jew who is attacking us and has been for 2,500+ years, we must take away the Jews' ability to subvert public opinion and influence religion. Only then will the normal human instinct to survive restore itself and function normally and healthfully. At present, the Jews are able to misdirect the will to survive of the Gentile into self-destructive reactionary behaviors which favor the Jews.

At present, the Jews torment and frustrate the Gentiles and prod them to kill one another. A normal and healthy reaction against the Jew is instead to unite against the common enemy of mankind, the Jew, and to use the State and the Church to remove the Jew from influence in any form, to quarantine the virus and prevent it from ever reinfecting the nations.

At present, the Jews divert the energy of the Gentiles into a desire to destroy their own States, rather than use the power of their own States to defend them from the aggressive Jews. The Jews confuse and frustrate the Gentiles and covertly advise them to use nihilistic self-destructive means to combat the Jews, which only strengthens the Jews as the Gentiles turn on themselves.

We require a healthy, normal, natural and powerful State to defend ourselves against the Jew. We need to take rational and productive actions which increase our collective power and gain us allies against the Jew. We need to strengthen our societies and have them serve our own interests.

A very good first step, and one which many nations whose spirit had not been destroyed by the Jew took, is to strip the Jews of rights, citizenship and their illegal and genocidal nation in Canaan. But we must also quarantine, though not concentrate, the virus. This will be a costly endeavor, one for which we must take the wealth of the Jews to pay the burden they have imposed on us, but it will only require one generation to solve the problem forever.

We must respond rationally to the Jewish problem and solve it in a scientific and healthy way. We must restore the human race and its natural processes to health. We have thousands of years of precedent to examine, and when we do we discover that the normal reaction to the Jew is take away his means of attack, which are rights, citizenship and Statehood.

The Jews have no right to betray us, and the Jew always views all of his granted rights and citizenship in a Goy nation as an opportunity, a right and a means to betray the host nation to its death. The Jews have no right to destroy our democracy and subvert our press with anti-American lies and propaganda. The Jews have no right to use their press, which they misrepresent as if our press, to force our enemies, the Jews' agents, into our political offices. The Jews no have right to convert our nation into a lumbering slave serving Jerusalem. The Jews have no right to pretend to be Americans so that they can destroy us from within, subvert our nation and have us as slaves of Jewry. The Jews have no right to genocide the native peoples of Canaan and steal their land.

It is only through a suicidal mass psychosis the Jews have imposed on the American People by pretending to themselves be Americans and therefore gaining the ability to mislead Americans, which blinds Americans to these simple truths which were evident and obvious to those nations which preceded us and dealt realistically with the Jewish problem. It is the Jews who force us to solve the problems they create and we are not to blame for fighting for our survival. We are instead to be blamed for slaving for the Jews and destroying ourselves and others at the Jews' behest.