Sunday, May 31, 2009

Utilizing Testimonials to Inspire Interest in the POWER PARTY

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I propose that we create a list of Jewish crimes against the human race throughout history. This list can serve many purposes. It can serve as a series of hyperlinks to more indepth articles which provide primary source materials and factual and sound logical arguments which establish these historical facts.

The List of Jewish Crimes Against the Human Race can also be made into a set of hyperlinks linking to testimonials which promote the POWER PARTY. This will accomplish several goals at once, by educating, informing and providing an outlet for outrage and concern, all at the same time.

I suggest the following format: Members of the Party from diverse ethnic, religious and national backgrounds should create personal testimonials describing how the Jews have harmed them, or their ancestors, with a concluding statement something like, "Join the POWER PARTY. Together we can prevent the Jews from doing this to America."

For example, an Ukrainian-American could describe how Lazar Kaganovich and the Jews starved some ten million Ukrainians and mass murdered the Ukrainian Kulaks, thereby permanently harming and degrading the genetic heritage of the Ukrainian People. This witness can also testify as to how the Jews are presently enslaving Ukrainian women and murdering and raping them in several nations, including Israel. This will serve as a powerful and compelling indictment of Jewry, our Jewish controlled politicians and the Jewish press which collaborate with the other arms of Jewish power to suppress these facts from public view. The video testimonial will bring in the audience, and humanize the history, in ways documents and articles cannot, but the list will also provide links to such documents and articles which substantiate and prove the claims being made in the videos.

At the conclusion of the video, the Ukrainian-American witness will declare, "I am a member of the POWER PARTY. Join the POWER PARTY. Together we can prevent the Jews from doing this to America."

As our numbers grow, we can employ these methods at our rallies with projectors and large screens showing the corpses of the victims of Jewry together with quotations from Jewish literature which declare and attempt to justify the Jewish war on the human race. Our speakers will inspire various communities to join us as communities, and those who speak against us will be viewed as traitors to America and the various ethnic, religious and national origins we represent in our struggle to free ourselves from Jewish oppression and genocide.