Monday, May 11, 2009

When the Jews Will Begin to Naked Short Sell Our Currency, and Why We Should Consider it an Act of War When They do

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want to bleed America as they bled Germany after the First World War. One of the reasons why the Jews want to destroy the American dollar as the reserve currency of the World, is so that they can increase speculation in dollar trading and effectively naked short sell the dollar, thereby dramatically increasing the apparent money supply of dollars and artificially prompting run away hyperinflation through market manipulation.

When the Jews begin to make trades in dollars which do not exist, these ghost dollars will supplement the large numbers of extra dollars the Jews must also pump into the system to "ease credit", which cannot be eased by this speculation, and to pay the interest on the debts the Jews have deliberately dumped on our heads. While these pseudo-dollars created through naked shorting the dollar will have the effect of reducing the value of real dollars, they will not serve to stimulate growth as would the proper creation and circulation of real dollars into the economy. Instead, the ghost dollars will have the opposite effect and will reduce growth.

This is the same effect that the naked short selling of stocks has on corporations. The value of the naked shorted stock decreases as the apparent supply of stocks increases, but there is no capital injection into the corporation by these ghost stocks to provide for growth.

So it will be with the naked shorted American dollar. The Jews will decrease the value of real dollars by increasing the supply of ghost dollars which do not exist and do not provide capital for the growth of the economy.

This is one of the ways the Jews will soon bury us. Another is the Jews will want to barter off our land and seat our enemies on our soil. Imagine what will happen to us when the Communist Chinese acquire Hawaii, California and Latin America? This is one of the reasons why Jewish agents like Ron Paul are trying to condition us psychologically to accept the disintegration of America as if a good thing for patriots. Once we begin to clamor for the break up of our nation, it will be a small thing for the Jews to transfer the titles to our States to the Chinese. And what will they care in Texas and Montana if the Chinese take over California in exchange for excusing the Jewish created debt?

Imagine a 100 million man Chinese army on our soil, and Chinese supply lines all through Latin America, with China having cut off our Pacific coast and Russia having taken Alaska from us? We will not last long, and the Jews care not if we kill tens of millions, or hundreds of millions, or billions of Chinese. The Jews will delight to force us to kill each other off. It is the Jewish religious duty for the Jews to undermine our countries, pit us against one another and weaken us, so that the Jews can easily control us and kill us off.

As soon as the dollar hits the tipping point and some other currency system emerges whereby the Jews can shuffle the deck and trade dollars for something else, they will begin to naked short sell dollars which do not exist, hyperinflate our currency, and bury our economy as never before. There is hope and an easy cure. We need only to fight back against the aggressive Jews and take control over our currency. We should declare currency speculation an act of war. We should declare that the Jews who created our debts are responsible to pay them. We should engage in international barter and promote our own Autarky.

Recall that Nazi Germany did not recover from the hyperinflation by merely taking over control of its currency. The Nazis also engaged in trade, including trade with the Jews. And most importantly, the Nazis declared that the debts under the Jewish Versailles Treaty were invalid. The Nazis also purged the Jews from public influence.

We, too, must pass off the debts the Jews have created, back to the Jews. We, too, must purge the Jews from public influence. We, too, must take control over our currency. We, too, must promote domestic production and Autarky through engaging in real trade which benefits our American economy, instead of International Jews.

There is much more that we must also do, but it will be infinitely more difficult to do these things if we wait until the Jews force us into hyperinflation and give away our land to our enemies. We must toss the Jewish money changers out of the temple of liberty which is America and we must do it now.