Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why the Jews Do Not Want Me Quoting the Old Testament

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perhaps history's most articulate authority on the Jews, Eugen Karl Duehring wrote in his transformative monumental work The Jewish Question: A Racial, Moral and Cultural Question With a World-Historical Answer, first published in 1881 with several subsequent editions,

"Accordingly, one need not hesitate in the least–with regard to the activity of the Jews which is precisely against the purely human and historically better traits of Christianity–to take the Old Testament as the real Jewish original document and as the characterising mark of the Jewish race and its religion. The predilection with which one has advanced the Talmud exclusively as a self-depiction of the Jewish morality is explained by the constitution of the parties by which the Jews upto now have been most attacked externally and through agitations. Since indeed, here, not just the conservative, but, drastically expressed, the reactionary elements of all sorts not merely predominate but were at first almost alone on the spot, there stood against an uninhibited and thorough judgement of the Jews, partly, real religious prejudices, but, chiefly, the political principles of taking into consideration the would-be Christian people and, accordingly, of leaving the Bible out of consideration in the determination of the Jewish character. But thereby one has oneself closed off the most natural, truest, and most popular way to a criticism of the Jews and robbed oneself of the most powerful instrument which alone can last in the long run. How does it help to cite the Talmud? Our modern national society does not, fortunately, read this work; indeed the Jews themselves satisfy themselves with extracts from this colossal collection of glosses filled with trivialities and trifles. On the other hand, from the Bible, and indeed precisely from the biblical history, through the school instruction among us and in the different nations, much is still retained in our memory, so that one needs only to awaken the natural understanding in order to show how one may penetrate with well-known facts into the original character of the Jewish people. The Bible is really not uninteresting if it helps in this way to a better explanation of the Jews. Many a person to whom it is at hand will, through occasional reference to the same, learn and grasp things in this direction which lie far beyond the horizon of common understanding.


The small group of people in the corner of the world called Palestine however had, from the beginning, instincts and laws which announced basic disregard and hostility against the rest of the human race. One has brought forth places from the Talmud in order to demonstrate tangibly that the Jews are authorised by their religion to betray and harm non-Jews. But we do not need the Talmud at all to get this insight. If it did not exist at all, the Jewish ethics would not be better for it and would not be less documented. What we observe here in the actual communication are really not other characteristics than those which were embodied already even in the Mosaic times. The Old Testament is a sufficient mirror of the Jewish nature. One must only watch objectively and one will once again recognize the little chosen people of today in their involuntary self-characterisation of that time. How often is that not expressly allowed to the Jews against foreigners which is forbidden to be practised among themselves! Even the Old Testament recommendation of a sort of love of one's neighbour is expressly limited to the Jews among Jews."--E. K. Dühring, Die Judenfrage als Racen-, Sitten- und Culturfrage: mit einer weltgeschichtlichen Antwort, H. Reuther, Karlsruhe, (1881); English translation by A. Jacob, Eugen Dühring on the Jews, Nineteen Eighty Four Press, Brighton, England, (1997), pp. 77-78, 89.

Duehring points out that many self-deluding Christians have stood in the way of a solution to the Jewish question. Several Jews have asked me to stop quoting the Old Testament and restrict myself to the works of the Rabbis. I will do no such thing. Unlike them, I want to solve the Jewish problem so that humanity can live in peace. The Jewish problem is at least 2,500 years old and was recorded by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who observed what a sickening religion Judaism has always been.

The Jews do not want me to reveal these facts to you, because they want your critiques of the Jews to be obscure and ridiculous on their face, inaccessible to those who are not already initiated into the ranks of the awakened. In this way, the Jews subvert our efforts to grow our numbers.

The Jews want you to make asses of yourselves by demonstrating what ineffectual cowards you are as you speak of "Ashkenazis" and "Zionists", couching your arguments in euphemisms so as not to upset the enemy, too frightened to call the Jews, "Jews" and asinine and childish enough to resort to obscurities to hide behind in your fear and insecurity–you dare not offend the enemy, lest you might actually start to fight back and begin to win major victories against the Jewish aggressor.

What the Jews are doing to you today, they did to your ancestors long ago. The Jews wormed their way into Germany and England by bribing officials and clergymen to deceive the good people of their nations into welcoming the hostile Jewish invader, because, so they were paid to claim, these were the good Jews of the Bible whom god so loved and if they blessed these murderous Jews, then the Jewish god would bless them. The Jews are playing the same game on you today when they insist you call the Jews by euphemistic names, while disclaiming everything you say against the enemy by stating that not all Jews are involved and that the Jewish attack against you is not religious, because religious Jews are the saints of the World.

The enemy has you dancing on its strings, and many of you are too stupid to realize it. Shame on you. You are dead weight that has been attached as a poisonous corpse, you are a disease spreading cowardice and self-defeat to the rest.