Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Our Rights Must Be Enforced Against the "Private Sector"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The reason why we have traditionally framed our rights in terms of a defense against the tyranny of the State, is that the State has far greater power than the average individual. We ask the State not to trample on the freedom of speech of the individual, because the State, with its vast resources, is not fair competition to the common man.

However, wealthy and/or famous individuals and corrupt coalitions wield more power than the State, which they corruptly control. We must, therefore, view these corrupt powers as an even greater enemy of our liberty than the State, and must enforce our rights against those who have far more power than do we. There is no right to free speech where the means of communicating in politically effective ways are controlled by private individuals who are hostile to the interests of the State and the People.

Government is just as human an enterprise as is the private sector. If we can enforce our rights against what we call "government", we must also enforce them against individuals and coalitions which deny our rights. Freedom of speech comprises both my right to speak in ways which enable me to be heard and your right to hear what I have to say. Private enemies of the American People, and the enemy nation of Israel, are denying my right to broadcast my voice, and your right to hear me. This is an even greater infringement of my rights than those of the government, because I can not vote out private individuals.

If it is my right to speak in ways in which I can be heard, then no human being or institution, be it private or public, should have the ability to silence me, where they allow my enemies to be heard, most especially in forums which offer themselves up as a means to mold public opinion.

We live in a nation where only the Jews and allies of the Jews against the American People have the right (which right incorporates ability to speak and to be heard--for where there is no ability to speak and to be heard there is no right) to speak and be heard. Those who defend America against the Jewish attack are routinely censored, which is a violation of their rights to speak, and everyone's right to hear what they have to say. This fact is not only egregious when the censorship occurs with the force of the State, but also when the still more powerful private sector closes off the venues of speech to the most loyal of Americans.

Down through history, the Jews, and those who believe in the Jewish god including Christians and Muslims, have closed off free speech in the name of tolerance for Jewish beliefs. From the proclamation of tolerance of Cyrus (Ezra 1:1-4) which enabled the Jews to attack the Canaanites and steal Jerusalem from the natives, and to proscribe all other religions in places where Jews lived, to the edict of Claudius, which enabled the Jews to continue to enslave the Egyptians and practice intolerance of the Roman authority, to the "emancipation" of the Jews by Napoleon which led directly to the Jewish instigated World Wars and Jewish instigated Communist genocides.

Tolerance of the Jew is the tolerance of the Jewish attack on humanity. Tolerance of the Jew is intolerance of the majority, whom the Jew seeks to oppress.

Though enemies of the people do not have the right to engage in a war of aggression against the nation, as the Jews always do, loyal citizens of the nation do have the right to express themselves in all venues of public debate, and this is a right that the State must enforce if it is to abide by the social contract. Otherwise, as was the case when the Jews, by their own accounts, subverted the governments of Cyrus, Claudius and Napoleon, the majority people become the slaves of the Jews in the name of "tolerance".

The Jews do not have the right to create or own private enterprises which mold the public mind, and to concurrently exclude voices which oppose the Jewish war on humanity; any more than the government has the right to silence its citizens. Where private individuals and entities acquire powers vastly greater than those of the average citizen, they are a danger to liberty at least as great as the State, and they must be forced to honor the rights of all citizens, or surrender those advantages which enable them to quash the rights of others. If a Jew complains that he should not be obliged to honor my right to criticize Jews and Judaism, then let the Jew be unburdened of the opportunities about which he complains. Let the Jew surrender his wealth, ownership of the means of communication, and his abilities to engage in the public debate, which he has declared are a burden on his liberty to subvert the nation.

We need not live under Jewish tyranny, but we will as long as we pretend that the private sector is not bound to honor our freedoms and our rights. We are currently the oppressed subjects of rich Jews, and the revolution that is needed is not to overturn the State, but rather to unseat the real power, the Jews. The State has become a mere expression of Jewish power. We cannot acquire those powers without taking them from the Jews who presently hold them and disenfranchising the enemy among us whose stated mission is to destroy us.