Saturday, May 02, 2009

Why Secession Is at Present a Bad Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews, including Murray Rothbard, and Jewish agents, including Ron Paul, have been attempting to build a secessionist movement in America. Recall also that it was the Jews who created the American Civil War.

At the present time, secession would be a very bad idea for Americans. We enjoy many advantages due to the immense territory of our nation, many of which are yet to be fully exploited.

America has two long coasts, plus the Alaskan coast and the Hawaiian Islands. These provide us with access to the World, as well as facilitating travel within our borders. The oceans have yet to be properly exploited as a source of food, year round, for our people. We would be very foolish to give up our access to these waters, which also serve as highly defensible boundaries to invasion. Water makes a far more stable neighbor than bordering countries. Our goal should be Autarky, and our coastlines facilitate Autarky.

Our many States provide us with varied climates. This may become a tremendous advantage as the climate changes. Our populations can transfer from one region to another within our borders. The varied climates which exist within our borders are also essential to our internal agricultural production of food, ensuring us food independence, a vital aspect of Autarky.

Our varied States offer us vast natural resources, which again promotes Autarky. While one region engages in agriculture, another region can provide our needs through heavy industry, while a third provides us with minerals. This is an advantage we would be most unwise to surrender.

Subdividing our nation would create potential conflicts and perpetual wars. Where would our subdivisions end? Would each State have natural rights to access to the seas? If so, how would those be guaranteed? How would each new nation ensure its independent means to provide itself with food and resources, should war erupt between these new nations?

One tell tale sign that the Jews are behind these secessionist movements, is the fact that they are meant to appeal to white Americans, who represent the majority population in America, and therefore stand the most to lose from a secessionist movement. It is usually the minority who seeks secession, since the majority has the ability to disadvantage the minority and drive it out without surrendering any territory.

The Jews are instead disadvantaging the majority white population, and then advising the majority to further destroy itself with secession and revolution. The Jews want white Americans, like white Europeans, to disappear from the human family. The Jews want to destroy the European, and his descendants, and especially the Northern European, because the Jew views the Northern European as the strongest challenge to Jewish hegemony. The Jew also views the Northern European as the most noble and creative branch of the human family, and the Jew wants to elevate himself by dragging down European man.

I hope that I can convince a majority of Americans that Ron Paul and his Jewish backers are out to destroy you in the name of saving you. Do not be so childish and consider the necessary consequences of the actions Ron Paul is trying to persuade you to take. Look at what you will lose, and what the Jews will gain, if you institute Ron Paul's Jewish policies.

Rather than bemoaning the fact that we own a wonderful territory, we should take advantage of it. Rather than handing over our wealth to the modern Jewish robber barons behind Ron Paul, we should achieve national independence in the form of Autarky. If anything, we should expand our national territory to include regions south of the equator, which would further our goal of Autarky. Instead of cutting up our country so that the Jews can pit us against one another in perpetual war for their profit, we should be strengthening our national identity and re-Americanizing our population. Instead of blaming Mexicans for our woes, we should help Mexico become a place where Mexicans want to stay and to which they will happily return. America should not allow itself to lose our culture, our language or our customs to any foreign invasion.

We should be strengthening and expanding America, not destroying it. It is only the Jews who want us to weaken ourselves--the Jews and their well paid fifth column, that is. How much is it that Ron Paul received in donations, thanks to the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution"? The whole movement was hype created around him. Ron Paul did nothing to merit the adulation he received as a result of Jewish propaganda and the work of others.

Instead of destroying America on the advice of Jewish puppets like Ron Paul and the Jewish revolutionaries on both the left and the right, we should eliminate the tiny Jewish minority, so that the vast majority of Americans can strengthen America and prosper.

Beware, the Jews are driving you to the point of despair so that they can then misadvise you to express your frustration through the destruction of your own society. Do not become discouraged or self destructive. Consider instead the potential we have to build a glorious civilization after we have removed Jewish influence from the World. Express your anxieties in ways which will benefit our society, instead of falling into the trap of Jewish nihilism. Do not burn down the barn in order to kill the rats. Just get rid of the rats.