Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the Zionist Myth that the Formation of a Jewish State Would Cure the Jews of Their Perverse Mentality

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The leadership of the Jews created the mythology of Zionism as a means to cover up the fact that they were deliberately and artificially fulfilling the religious prophecies of the Jews. The Jews knew that Christians and Muslims would oppose the Jewish takeover of Palestine, because the Christians and Muslims would recognize this devilish genocide of the indigenous peoples from the Nile to the Euphrates as the fulfilment of the prophecies of the rise of the Anti-Christ/Al-Dajjal. So, the deceitful Jews created an apparently secular movement meant to rid the World of the perverse Jews and free the Goyim from the yoke of Jewish tyranny by unseating the subversive and hateful Jews from among the host nations and planting them in Palestine.

It is factually incorrect to claim that the top leaders of the Jews, past or present, were or are "Zionists". These Jewish leaders created the ideology of "Zionism" just as they created the ideology of "Communism", but the top Jewish leaders are not now, nor have they ever themselves been Zionists or Communists. Instead, they are just Jews in the worst sense of the term, the ancient sense of the Torah with its hatred of the human race and desire to exterminate humanity and replace it with Jewry.

The Jews put forth the Zionist myth that the Jews were such wretched beings because they were obliged to live in foreign nations with normal human beings, who were unlike Jews, and that Jews pretended to be like the Goyim, which pretense made the Jews into duplicitous snakes. The Jews put forth the myth that the Jews would be cured of the perverse Jewish mentality if only the Jews could have a nation of their own. The Jews, or so goes the Zionist myth, would then take pride in being Jews and leave the poor Goyim in peace.

In fact, now that the Jews have stolen the land of Palestine, the Jews as a people are even more perverse than ever before. The Jews now want to destroy the Earth with a nuclear World War Three, are constantly genociding their neighbors, and have more deeply than ever before subverted the governments of the Goyim, the nations of Gentiles.

Far from becoming normal human beings, the Israeli Jews agitate in every nation for war and revolution. They steal monies from the American People. They kidnap, enslave, murder and rape the women of Eastern Europe. They slaughter and poison their neighbors and constantly strive to bring the World into murderous chaos.

The Zionist myth, never believed by the Jewish leaders who invented Zionism from Judaism, that Jews would become normal human beings after the formation of a Jewish State, has been proven false by the fact that the Jews are now more perverse than ever. This is one of the reasons why the POWER PARTY will NOT seek to segregate Jews, but rather to isolate and quarantine Jews, not in Ghettoes, and certainly not in a World Ghetto of Israel, but instead place them in absolute isolation from other Jews so that the perversion of the Jews knows no comfort or mutual support. Let the Devil of the Jewish god be forgotten, and let the Devil's army be disbanded forever.

Segregating and concentrating Jewry only leads to intensified Jewish perversion. Tolerance of the Jews among the nations only leads to the subversion and ruin of those nations. Jewish leaders have always known that the secularist myths of Communism and Zionism would accomplish the goals of Judaism, and Jewish leaders have always been faithful Jews and never were Communists or Zionists.