Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chinese Checkers and the Star of David

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The board for the game of Chinese checkers takes the form of a Mogen David. So, too, do the games the Communist Chinese and the North Koreans are playing with South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and America bear a Jewish trademark.

The North Koreans are agents of the Jews through Communist China. The Jews do not want America to grow strong, and so will resist protectionism which would rebuild American industry. Like "Chinese" checkers itself, these games do not originate in China, but the political deceptions originate in World Jewry.

The Jews, through the Communist Chinese, through the North Koreans are posing the threat to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and America, that if Americans default on their debt to China and fail to surrender land and other resources to the Chinese, and/or engage in any form of protectionism, including protection from Chinese protectionism, then the Communist Chinese will supply North Korea with nuclear bombs, falsely claiming that they were domestically produced in North Korea, and China will have North Korea bomb and attack South Korea and Japan. The Communist Chinese will then move on Taiwan.

The Jews are blackmailing Americans and Japanese into destroying themselves.

It would be better for the Asians to unite with real Americans against the Jews. As I stated long ago, in, among other places, my blog of December, 2007:

Pawning Off America, December 14, 2007

which has since been plagiarized by a CIA agent who often parrots my work without any attribution (one of several such government scumbags who try to take credit for my insights), the Chinese will increasingly internalize their economy, which is good for them and good for the World. We Americans must also internalize our economy and strive for Autarky. It is the Jews who stand in the way of this process. Rather than slaughtering one another, we should join with the Chinese in fighting back the aggressive Jewish enemy of our peoples.