Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crucifying the Christ: As Obama's Star Fades, the Arabs Will Meet Their Graves

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews know that the crashing economy and increasingly destabilizing World will eventually turn the American public against the Jewish puppet Obama. They have carefully planned for that day, which is why they are aligning Obama with the Arabs, whom the Jews are about to betray.

Netanyahu spoke of a Palestinian State and called on the Arabs to join with the Israelis in a quest for peace. When such a Jew speaks of peace, we know that war is coming, and Netanyahu's statements are code for an Arab alliance with Israel against Iran, whom he blames for alleged Palestinian violence against Israel.

The Arabs' new false messiah, Obama, is preparing to betray them. At the same time as Obama's popularity declines, the Jews will whip up the Christian right to embrace their old friend Netanyahu. But Israel and Iran are separated by Arab nations and the Jews want the Arabs to help them slaughter Muslims in Iran and spark a regional conflict. Once this starts, Netanyahu is positioned to be the one who warned us about Obama and how his policies would fail. Netanyahu will also cry to Israelis that we poor Jews are again alone in the World and must defend ourselves, for who came to our rescue in the camps, or in our wars against the Arabs, not even the US!

Netanyahu is appealing to Israelis and Arab leaders to attack Iran. I suspect his appeal will be successful and Obama and the Congress will be on the side of the Jews, as they always are, but the wicked guile of the Jews will have the American People crying out for war and blaming Obama for what the Jews have wrought upon the World, just as they put Obama in power by blaming Bush for what the Jews had done.

Obama's popularity was great enough to enable the Jews to steal trillions from taxpayers. His star will fade and the Americans do not have the stomach for war, so the Israelis and Arabs must be talked into it in the name of "peace" and "Palestinian sovereignty". That is what these games are all about at present.

I suggest Netanyahu follow his own advice and disarm Israel and recognize the Palestinians' right to exist on their own land. That would be a true move towards a more peaceful World.