Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daryl Bradford Smith's Antics Remind Us: "Those Who Forget the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It"--George Santayana

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

While Daryl Bradford Smith whines and cries that he is a poor helpless victim of Eric Hufschmid, which is quite frankly stereotypical Jewish behavior denying his personal responsibility and blaming someone else for his actions, let us not forget how Smith has distracted us at crucial times with his soap opera antics.

Let us also not forget Smith's vicious use of octogenarian Eustace Mullins to attack others. Or Smith's promotion of Christopher Bollyn after having defamed Bollyn to me and others. Or Smith's ridiculous claim that Christopher Bollyn was kidnaped or murdered. Smith tried to interest me in some woman named "Nina", who was of no interest to me. Smith tried to prompt me to initiate a boycott against Israel for publicity purposes, at a time when Smith was revealing that there were laws against participating in certain classes of boycotts against Israel. Smith has not yet disclosed to his audience much of that which he told me about "Muhammad Rafeeq". Smith did not contradict "Rafeeq" when "Rafeeq" claimed it was he who had discussed the Chabad Lubavitch on GNC immediately prior to Smith's cancellation on that network, when in fact I was the one who discussed Chabad Lubavitch with Smith, and Smith only interviewed "Rafeeq" after Smith's GCN show was cancelled. Smith attacked Ernst Zuendel while the man was completely vulnerable. Smith attacked John Kaminski, but later told us he had old and close ties to Kaminski. Smith attacked Michael Collins Piper in unforgivable ways, but is now promoted by Piper, who also heavily promoted the Sam Danner fiasco despite being advised against it. Smith worked with Bollyn and Hufschmid who promoted the Sam Danner fiasco, which was a terrible distraction at a crucial moment in our struggle against Jewry. I warned Hufschmid immediately after he posted his initial interview with Danner that the story was not credible and would damage all involved. I immediately suggested to Christopher Bollyn on John Stadmiller's radio show that he consider the possibility that he was being "Dan Rather'd". I cut off all ties to these men following their promotion of the Sam Danner story, in spite of their being advised against it.

This is just a very short list of things to consider when remembering the past in an attempt to avoid the future Daryl Bradford Smith. Just wait, history will repeat itself. The Smith cycle of attempting to garner credibility to lend credibility to his distractions, soap operas, uncredible attacks, shows no signs of abating.

I again ask that people who support Daryl Bradford Smith not contact me. The tell that they are not interested in the truth is the fact that they do not demand that Smith and/or "Rafeeq" answer my questions. Another tell is that they promote the nonsense that creepy Eric Hufschmid had the power to Svengali poor little Smith, but nonetheless Smith is a credible man.