Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diffusing the Gang-Green (Gangrene) Revolution in Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



As went the Ukraine and Georgia, so goes Iran, Rose, Orange and now the gangrene of the Gang-Green? Back on 29 September 2006, I predicted that the CIA and Mossad were arranging a coup d'etat in Iran in the following blog:

Coup d'Etat, September 29, 2006

"It smells like a coup is brewing in Iran. Iran's neighbors have recently met with Washington. Plans have been discussed. Deals have been made. Both Ahmadinejad and Chavez have met with their contacts in America. Ahmadinejad may have outlasted his usefulness. The press is beginning to talk a little bit more about "Tehran" and a little bit less about Ahmadinejad. In the eyes of Israelis, it is the Syrians who are encroaching upon the ancient lands of the Israelite tribes. A coup in Iran could place Syria in a precarious position. Then there are the Kurds, who are allies of the Israelis, and who would be strengthened by a weakened Syria and Iran, and seize the opportunity to make their bid for independence and secession from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran—this could spark the broad war the Israelis have been trying desperately to foment.

If it becomes overly obvious to the Iranians that Ahmadinejad is leading them over a cliff, a true leader might emerge and take charge of the nation. Jewish leaders do not like to wait. It leaves them doubting. It confuses them. Dissensions arise. Deadlines approach. Expenses increase. Public opinion changes. More and more people become involved in the planning, which inevitably increases the risks of detection and failure. Within Iran the populace is growing impatient with its crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership. There is a massive amount of oil at stake. Pressures are mounting, but are they mounting a coup? The Mossad and the CIA must reason that if their boys in charge of Iran today are to be ousted, it would be best to find suitable replacements and install them before control is lost."

Ahmadinejad is also working for the Jews as are his crypto-Jewish theocratic bosses. They created the conditions for the Gang-Green Revolution. The Jews are practicing their old Parvusian strategy of "perpetual revolution" in Iran, whereby the Jews maintain control by creating civil war and revolution on the premise of an ever changing perpetual enemy among the People itself who must be destroyed in order for the revolution to be fulfilled leaving room for a paradise on Earth. This Jewish Gang-Green Revolution feeds off the Iranians' discontent with Ahmadinejad, not the love of Mir Hossein Mousavi, who is a mere symbol of that discontent.

It is a protest against Ahmadinejad which does not identify the true enemy, not a thorough proposal for reform, and therefore forms a shallow and easily diffused basis for a true revolution. Just as the Communists promised paradise if the Shah could be deposed, Mousavi promises paradise if Ahmadinejad can be deposed. This will not solve Iran's problems which are external as well as internal.

Iran, like America, needs a political party and candidates who are honestly opposed to World Jewry, not working for it. That said, Ahmadinejad could easily diffuse the contrived movement following Mousavi in several ways. He must provide an outlet for the youthful energy which is being focused at him in a negative way and capture that energy to better the nation. A leader must act like a parent of the nation and provide the child with direction and perspective. Ahmadinejad needs to lead rather than react. Recounting only buys time for Ahmadinejad, but it also buys time for Mousavi.

Ahmadinejad needs to subvert the cult of personality building around Mousavi by introducing confusion into the dissent. He needs to have other dissenting voices which disagree with Mousavi and introduce them into debates he oversees as leader, in the interest of the nation. This will atomize the resistance and he can then capture it for his own purposes. For example, after I announced the formation of the POWER PARTY the Jews introduced competing parties hoping to steal my thunder, my ideas and channel it towards their objects. I will profit from their efforts and ultimately consolidate all they have done under my umbrella. Ahmadinejad should do the same, but he must lead, not react.

He should raise doubts about Mousavi not in a reactive and angry fashion, but with humor which will make it uncool for the youth to follow such a jackass as Mousavi. He should follow the money and organization trail and it will reveal many crypto-Jews and CIA operatives. He should offer rewards for information that reveals the organizers of this Jewish revolution, which is working towards a civil war. Most importantly he should always position himself as the defender and leader of the Iranian People. Mousavi is really in a weak position and the cult surrounding him is an illusion built of discontent not substance.

This is a propaganda war at this stage, and Ahmadinejad is playing it badly.