Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Games Being Played and the Players Playing Them: A "Two-State Solution" = War on Iran and the "Final Solution of the Palestinian Problem"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama, Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel, Medvedev, Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and the full cast of Jewish puppet leaders and Jews are playing a clever game with the Arab street, the Israeli public, the American public and the Iranian public.

Obama, Clinton and others are talking about forming a Palestinian State, should the Palestinians surrender their birthright to Jewry. Lieberman of Israel is attempting to convince the Israelis that the expulsion of Arab Israelis from the Jewish State coupled to the loss of some unimportant Israeli stolen territory and the formation of a Palestinian State is good for the Jews, because it will ensure the demographic integrity of the racist Jewish State as a Jewish State.

At the same time, Netanyahu is relatively quiet, given his nature, but holds the stick against the idea of a Palestinian State, and is serving as the man who must be convinced through concessions to his agenda.

All these "leaders" have one goal in mind, and it is NOT the formation of a Palestinian State, but rather war on Iran. The Palestinians, as usual, are simply the bait.

The Jews, who own Arab leadership, are trying to convince the Arab street that if the Arabs ally with the Jews against the Persians, the Jews will give the Palestinians a country of their own and thereby stabilize the region. I have been detailing this plan for years and have repeatedly proven its existence with direct quotations from Israeli and Arab leaders.

The Palestinians will NOT obtain a nation from this treachery against fellow Muslims. Rather, in the chaos of a war between Arabs and Persians at the behest of the Jews, which will escalate into World War Three, the Jews will exterminate the Palestinians, just as the Torah and the 613 Mitzvot of Judaism command them to do. As the Arab street learns that it has been betrayed by its leadership, the Arab governments will be overthrown and Arab countries will become increasingly weakened. Egypt will suffer terrible famine and tens of millions will die. Israel will grow into the Sinai and take over the territory up to and perhaps past the Nile. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will fall to the Jews as territories needed to secure the borders of the Jewish State, and no one around the World will care as they face their own horrific problems and as their governments fall to pieces.

The proposed "Two-State Solution" in exchange for Arab cooperation with Jewry against Iran game is the Jews' final solution to the Palestinian problem, extermination. The fact that Ahmadinejad does not come out and expose this treachery against Islam is further proof of his, and his superiors in Iran's, complicity with the Jews.

What is needed, and what the Muslim religion has always provided for, is Islamic unity in the face of Jewish aggression. The issue should be the continued flow of oil, not a war on Iran, in exchange for the recognition of Palestinian sovereignty over their ancestral homelands. The Muslim World has tremendous leverage at this time over the failing economies of the West. The Muslims should use this leverage to demand, instead of begging for and cooperating with the enemy as if a basis for, Palestinian liberation from the yoke of genocidal Jewry.

The American People will not support, and cannot afford, more naked aggression against Islam, and is everyday growing increasingly disgusted with Jewry. Instead of groveling, the Muslims have the opportunity to take control over their own fate. This is why the Jews are forced to play games and pretend that Obama and their other puppets are concerned for justice for the Palestinians. It is in reality a trap meant to bring war and devastation to all Islam, including the Palestinians. Recall that these venomous snakes did nothing to rescue the Palestinians as the Jews invaded Gaza, to know their true intentions and loyalties.

The Jews must advance their pieces on the board one move at a time, but the oil of the Middle East can easily checkmate them, which is why their war on Russia has not yet turned more aggressive, as it will in the near future. If the Muslims united to leverage the West with the flow of oil, at this time when the withdrawal of oil from the market would quickly collapse the West, they could insist upon, rather than begging for, Palestinian sovereignty. The Muslims could easily control the board.

If the Muslims wait until the Jews lead the Arabs in an attack on Iran, it will then be the Muslims through their internal conflicts who cut off the oil, not the Jews through their apartheid racism, and the World will blame Islam, not Jewry, for the crisis, and the American People will then support nuclear war on Islam as the only cost effective means to wage war in an economic collapse. Remember that America is the only nation to have waged nuclear war and that we not only have the stomach for it, we have already done it, and our pundits regularly publicly call for a nuclear attack whenever hostilities arise. "Turn the nation into a sheet of glass" falls off the lips of Americans as easily as "blitz and sack the quarterback". Vietnam came very close to nuclear annihilation not so very long ago.

Of course, the Muslim World must also wage a propaganda war to counter the Jews. When has an Arab government, which governments are now lining up to genocide fellow Muslims in Iran on behalf of the Jews, ever produced documentaries for Western consumption which exposed the plight of the Palestinians and which exposed the genocidal attacks of the Israelis? Would it not be easier to produce an information campaign to favor Palestinian interests, than to go to war against fellow Muslims on the Jewish promise that they will then cease to genocide Muslims? After all the ignored UN Resolutions and broken promises of the Jews, are you now going to trust the Israelis and their puppets around the globe just because they speak of a Palestinian State? Do you not realize that this talk is merely their means of ensuring that there will never be a Palestinian State? Why do you let your sworn and ancient enemies dictate your actions which work against your own best interests?

First unite. Then tell the West that the injustice and genocide the Jews are perpetrating against the Palestinians is a crime against the human race which cannot be tolerated. Then cut off the oil for a week. Then negotiate for a Palestinian State, if that is your goal. The Palestinian State, however, already exists and is occupied by an illegal aggressor, the Jews. They have been expelled in the past and can be expelled again, but not if you act stupidly and allow them to make demands on you.