Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Henry Ford's Peace Ship and Cynthia McKinney's Aid Ship

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In December of 1915, Henry Ford arranged a peace mission to Northern Europe to bring the Jewish manufactured First World War to a close. On that voyage, the Jews Herman Bernstein and Rosika Schwimmer told Ford that the Jews had started the war and only the Jews could bring it to a close. Ford attributed his first knowledge of the Jewish Question to this revelation.

Bernstein betrayed Ford and left the mission. Schwimmer was herself betrayed by Fannie Fern Andrews and Jane Addams. Ford's peace mission was thereby subverted.

After Ford returned, the press libeled him and he won a lawsuit for defamation. The Jewish press ridiculed Ford for being a pacifist and for warning that the US arms build up was a step towards America's entrance into the war.

Ford was set up from the beginning to fail.

One has to wonder what the Jews may have done to subvert Cynthia McKinney's aid ship to the hurting Palestinians in Gaza. One has to wonder what the Jews are doing to soil her reputation.