Sunday, June 07, 2009

How to Spot a Jewish Political Philosophy by Means of Its Personality

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish politics features two distinguishing characteristics: The "cult of personality" which substitutes emotion for reason and follows the Jewish messiah model, and the concept of the State as Volk (People) which enables destructive Jewish dogmatism to stand against the People's instincts of self-preservation and which promotes the illusion of the divine right of the pop star messiah to rule.

The Jews love to advertise. They promote themselves as if superior and noble. They exclusively promote Jewish interests. They exclude all dissenting voices and never praise the Goy unless doing so creates an even greater love of the Jew.

In a normal, healthy human society, the State is a mere organ of the entire body which is the Volk, one of many separate and distinct organs which keep the body of the Volk alive and productive. The brain reasons and reacts, the heart pumps blood, the intestines digest food, the muscles contract and relax, etc. but never in a healthy society does the State presume to be the entire body, and the Volk a mere organ of the body of the State.

However, you can detect a Jewish political philosophy by its personality. The Jews promote the myth that the State is the supreme body and greater than the Volk who are a mere organ which exists to serve it and the other organs of the State, because the State is the Jews. In a Jewish dominated society, the Volk are a mere subservient organ serving the Jewish body, the State.

In a Jewish system of governance, the State controls not only the organ of the Volk, but also creates new categories of citizens through charter, law and convention, which also serve the State as organs of the body of the Jewish People. The Jewish State converts abstractions into persons who work for the interest of the Jews, the State. Money, land, debt, corporations, stocks, bonds, contracts, treaties, religion, education, media, press, etc. become organs of even greater importance to the body of the State than the Volk itself. The Volk is sacrificed to the interests of these other bodily functions. The People are sacrificed to the Jews.

The State under the Jews is an abstract inorganic body of greater proportions than reality. It is a dogma which cannot be challenged, a mind set of slavery, the deliberate destruction of the Volk.

In the healthy, normal society the POWER PARTY seeks to build, the State will not be greater than the People, but will instead be a minor organ serving the other healthy and fully functional organic tissues of society which are made up of families. The State will not consider the business sector of society to be its function, nor will it arbitrarily define education, nor religion, nor family, nor any of the other parts of the body of the Volk which function best as interdependent structures, not submissive structures serving a Jewish abstraction which is held to be greater than the People itself. The abstract will not through illusion and sophistry become real and meta-human, nor will mandated chimeras or occult principles throw shackles on the human being or his mind.

Thomas Paine declared, "That government is best which governs least." This discounts the fact that the private sector often obtains powers equal to or greater than the government. We need to view society as an organic whole and not succumb to the illusions of words which blur the reality of the mechanisms of society, power and control. We need systems which benefit and serve the Volk. Official government is but one part, and it is usually the Jews who want us to pretend that government is of its nature a beneficent and infallible body that should rule over the Volk rather than serve us, or, alternatively, that government is the enemy of the Volk.

The Jews often promote rule by personality cult, be it absolute monarchy or other forms of dictatorship. Only rarely do truly good absolute leaders appear, and it is even rarer that a succession of good leaders emerges and resists corruption. It is better to have several functioning organs of society serving the interests of the Volk than to have the Volk become a collective slave of a dictator. The brain of a healthy body contains many regions which serve different functions. Many brains working together are needed to regulate a society. Dictators tend to rule through fear and war, rather than serving the organic interests of the Volk. The Jews even attempt to blur and obliterate the separate organs of society and combine all power unto themselves with the myth of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which is of course in practice the dictatorship of the Jews, free reign of the parasite to eat away the healthy organs of the Volk. Alternatively, the Jews make everything of value abstract through currency, which enables them to practice usury and seize the assets and public debate of the Volk, thereby once again subsuming the Volk with an absolute, abstract and inorganic State which serves as a front for Jewish dominance.

The Jews always engage in the process of rendering that which is real, abstract, so that everything of value to the People, including their own lives, are open to the market and can be stolen by the Jews through corrupt means. We can build better systems than those of the Jews. We can safeguard ourselves from Jewish influence by learning to recognize its trademark features and shun them.

We must empower the People without allowing money manipulation to enable a hostile minority to define the mind of the common man. This is one area in which the Party itself will serve a greater function than the State it defines.