Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Rejoinder to Curt Maynard's Response

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Curt Maynard has stated that he had received email from someone pretending to be me and that was the source of his erroneous belief that I had in some way criticized him. If anyone else has received such spurious email, kindly let me know. If you received such email under my name and you have not spoken to me by telephone, and/or you have not received a letter from the regular email accounts posted on my websites, then you have almost certainly received correspondence from someone other than myself. I very seldom respond to the email I receive at those accounts, and with those to whom I have written, I have most often also had telephone contact.

Other than that there is little in Mr. Maynard's response which merits attention despite the unimportant contradictions in some of what he states. He has posed questions to me which were already answered by the blog I posted and to which he has responded (RE: Curt Maynard. . . What? May 22, 2009). Mr. Maynard inquires,

"Being that you've made this an issue, would you kindly provide us [your readers and mine] with additional information, i.e. which grandparents were in fact Jews? I allow commentary on my blog, so feel free to leave a comment. Oh yes, one last thing, you suggest in this post that I misinform my readers about your Jewish ancestry - If I've noted that you're part Jewish and you admit the same, how exactly do you figure that I've misinformed anyone? "–C. Maynard, In answer to Christopher Jon Bjerknes, June 17, 2009

In his commentary which was the source of this exchange, which he has since deleted, Mr. Maynard stated that it was his impression that my father was Jewish. A more careful reading of my initial response to his initial comments should answer his questions.