Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Irony of "Planned Obsolescence" and the American Automobile Industry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American auto manufactures have long been accused of incorporating "planned obsolescence" into the cars they produced, forcing the consumer to repair or replace their vehicles in unnecessarily short intervals. The Jews long ago planned the obsolescence of American industry, itself.

That Jew who so inspires Ron Paul and like-minded dolts, Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, foreshadowed the planned and coordinated Jewish attack on American industry in her propaganda book Atlas Shrugged. The Jews deliberately destroyed British industry long ago, and have refined the art to a true science.

But the Jews have not yet destroyed or stolen away all of our territory, or our natural resources, or our minds, though Jews like "Rand" have corrupted many minds, and the Jews have polluted our waters, our air and wasted much that is ours by birthright. The Jews want us to pawn off what remains of our American inheritance to their top usurers, hawk it to the Chinese for a little more fun, and otherwise steal from us what is ours. As Rand openly stated, the Jews want to loan us gold which does not exist, and expose and surrender everything that is forever ours to the open Jewish market where that which is priceless is exchanged for the abstract value of paper and gold credits loaned to us at interest, the vigorish to be paid in our blood and with our childrens' souls and futures.

It is sickening to watch the Jews in the media try to conceal their overwhelming joy at the demise of America. They love to ridicule General Motors, and with it all the Goyim.

The Jews did indeed plan the obsolescence of America long ago. They stole our wealth as we built ourselves up, and now they use their media to place politicians into office who knock us down. The Jews do this to every nation they infest. The more the nations bless the Jews, the more hateful the racist and segregationist Jews become. The self-destructive generosity of the Goyim disgusts the Jews and causes them to revile the host with ever worsening bloodlust, the fatter the cow, the fitter for kosher slaughter. The dumber the cow, the easier the kill.

America is falling fast and with it the World is dying. Americans have done nothing to dethrone the Jewish puppet Barack Obama, who was placed in power by the Jewish bankers, and then abused his office to steal trillions of our dollars and hand them over to the Jewish bankers. We should be demanding that the Congress impeach Obama, and we should be running candidates who pledge to do so.

When the strangled cow ceases to give milk, the Jews slice its throat and bleed it dry, then hack it apart until even salt cannot withdraw more of its life's blood. That is Jewish kindness to the animal kingdom. Welcome to your fate for blessing the Jews, America. They are aiming for one clean cut across your veins and arteries to finish you off, and their rusty razor, stained by the blood of a thousand nations which fell before you, is at your throat. You could at least try to kick a little, or do you lack even the will to survive of a confused and dying cow?

America needs the POWER PARTY, and the POWER PARTY needs you. The ancient Jewish war on humanity is raging against us. We must fight back. There is no other option but a COWardly and confused death.