Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jewish Puppet Barack Obama and the Jewish Controlled Press Helped World Jewry to Re-Elect Ahmadinejad: Top Jews Celebrate the Prospects of a New War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled press was largely silent about the then approaching elections in Iran. Had the Jews wanted Ahmadinejad to lose, they would have lambasted him through each of their countless venues for attack. Comedians, journalists and politicians around the World would have raised a stink about Ahmadinejad and attempted to interject their views into Iranian internal politics, but this did not happen because the Jews wanted Ahmadinejad to win so as to afford themselves with false pretexts to aggressively attack Iran.

I explained this process, and the reasoning behind Obama's war friendly policy in the Middle East in the following blog:

Primary Reasons for Obama's Approach to the Middle East, June 07, 2009

The media was silent on Ahmadinejad and the elections to help re-elect him. Obama helped re-elect Ahmadinejad by appearing to take a more moderate stance on the Middle East. In fact, Obama was, at the Jews' behest, creating the conditions the Jews require for a Jewish attack on Iran.

Now, Ahmadinejad, like Bush, can claim a mandate and declare before the People of Iran that his policies put Obama in power and Obama has favored Islam because of the wise actions of Ahmadinejad. Now, the Israelis will lie and claim that Ahmadinejad's second term will provide Iran with the time needed to manufacture an atomic bomb. The Jews will claim that Ahmadinejad's re-election proves that Persians are intrinsically evil for wanting such a man to lead them after he has demonstrated his "antiSemitism", and thereby attempt to justify their genocidal Jewish desire to drop nuclear bombs on millions of Persians as an act of collective punishment. Israeli leaders will demand that the Israeli People support an attack on Iran. Israelis, through their Jewish puppet agents in leadership roles in the Arab World, will form a Jewish–Sunni-Arab alliance against Iran, the Kurds and the Shia.

The Arabs (crypto-Jews and Jewish funded traitors) will now join with the Israelis in calling upon the US to attack Iran, and will join with, and support an Israeli attack on Iran. The Israeli People will also be whipped into a frenzy, fearing the withdrawal of US support and a second term for Ahmadinejad, to make an illegal, aggressive attack on Iran.

It will be interesting and telling to watch how Netanyahu plays the game in the coming days. Syria's silence is also quite telling. Syria has a great deal at stake in this Jewish game to draw Syria and Iran into war. I do not envy honest Syrians who are caught between Iraq and a hard place coming up their rear.

It is truly fascinating how successfully the Jews have misled the public to believe that Obama is working for peace, when he is creating the needed conditions for war; and to believe that the Jews are opposed to Ahmadinejad when the Jews in fact love Ahmadinejad and use him to satisfy their desire to genocide the Persians. It is the Jews who want to attack Iran, not Iranians who want war with the Jews. Obama is a war monger, not a messenger of peace. But, alas, many human beings are far too stupid to comprehend these facts and processes even when they are explained to them.