Friday, June 12, 2009

KILL THE BEST GENTILES by James W. von Brunn

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Someone has emailed me a link to a book by James Wenneker von Brunn:

KILL THE BEST GENTILES by James W. von Brunn

I have briefly looked at it, as well as some of von Brunn's writings on a website which once belonged to him, as recorded in Google's cache. Some are questioning whether or not von Brunn was working for the Jews as part of a false flag operation. After perusing his writings, I am doubtful that this is case, unless some major change occurred since the composition of those writings.

There are some tells of an agent of the Jews by means of outside support from a close friend, and the nature of the alleged crimes themselves, but the nature of his writings weigh heavily against this inconclusive evidence. My gut feeling is that he determined that life did not hold much more for him and that he would sacrifice what little time he had left, before senility or disease claimed his mind, to act.

I do not condone his actions. I find his much earlier actions of greater interest than his recent actions, but do not condone those either especially in the form they took. I will perhaps write more about this later.