Saturday, June 13, 2009

Note the Media Hype After the Iranian Elections, As Opposed to the Media Silence Leading Up to the Iranian Elections

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Now that Ahmadinejad has won, the Jews are calling attention to the Iranian elections and using them as a weapon with which to defame Persians. However, the Jews were largely silent leading up to the elections so as to help guarantee Ahmadinejad's victory.

There is even a descendant of Marrano Jews who supported Obama, who now tries to take credit for my insights about Ahmadinejad, Russia and the Jews' celebration of Ahmadinejad's victory which they helped create. He has been trying to sell us on an Israeli attack on Iran, as if that were in our interests. In reality, it is only in the interests of his Jewish friends.

Note how such Jews claim to be free of Jewish bias because they are not religious Jews, but scratch the surface and you discover that their wives are or were Jews, and that a far larger percentage than 2% of their friends, colleagues and supporters are or were Jews, despite the fact that Jews represent at most 2% of the general population. This is further proof that Jewish tribalism survives Jewish atheism, and that most of the Jews who are pretending to be unbiased are instead feeding you Jewish propaganda on an anti-Zionist plate.

The media, which did nothing to prevent an Ahmadinejad victory, now complains about it. The Israelis are celebrating as they near war.