Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Note on Daryl Bradford Smith's Cheerleaders

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith and his cheerleaders are trying to immunize Smith from criticism by claiming that anyone who criticizes Smith is "acting like Hufschmid", while ignoring the fact that Smith acted with Hufschmid for years, and was in fact much worse than Hufschmid in Smith's rabidly vicious attacks on people. This tells me that the pom pom squad for the Smith shares his hypocrisy and irrationality and is not interested in the truth. This fact is further proven by their refusal to confront Smith on the falsehoods he has stated.

This group also perpetually criticizes Jeff Rense and Alex Jones, but do not feel that they are "acting like Hufschmid" in so doing. I guess immunity from criticism is the limited privilege of the smearmonger Daryl Bradford Smith.

To "act like Hufschmid" is to act like Smith, to attempt to smear people with false accusations and with innuendo, to change the subject from the relevant issues, to carry around a cheerleading section, instead of fighting your own battles, etc. I do not act like Hufschmid and Smith. I am not an act. They are, and they shared the stage together for years.