Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Heels of His Cynthia McKinney Interview, Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. Turn Up the Hufschmid "Shtick" on the Moon Landings

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. are now promoting old information about the moon shots as if new news. They are going full blast with an Eric Hufschmid style routine about the "Power Hour" and moon landings. I hope McKinney is not affected by this.

She has exhibited terrible judgement working with this crew. It appears that someone going by the moniker "Lord Lindsey" has arranged these interviews.

Smith has also repeatedly interviewed Ralph Nader, who had the effect of a spoiler candidate to elect George Bush. Why would Nader associate with the likes of Smith, who has been featured on CNN? Would not such an association be political suicide? Why haven't Nader and others been associated with Smith in the press as a means to discredit them? I wonder if McKinney will be tied to Smith at the right time.