Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Reasons Why Neturei Karta Do Not Represent the Views of World Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In spite of spurious claims to the contrary, Neturei Karta Jews are Talmudists. It is the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Kethuboth, Folio 111a) which tells them that they must wait for the arrival of the Jewish messiah before Jews should travel en masse to Palestine and Greater Israel. This was the view of Orthodox Jewry until the time of the Holocaust.

Today, and since 1948, the majority of Jews believe that they have fulfilled the religious requirements for genociding the Palestinians, in that the Jews believe that they have atoned for their ancient sins of apostasy through the Holocaust and therefore are entitled to steal the land of Palestine and occupy it, just as Moses and Joshua sought to do.

This is not the first time that Jewry believed it received atonement through mass suffering. The Jews believed that their messiah would soon arrive after the Ukrainian pogroms and then welcomed Shabbatai Zevi as if that messiah.

The descendants of the Shabbataians believe that the messiah has already arrived and lives today in the body of the man who has inherited the soul of Zevi and the throne of Judah. The majority of other Jews believe that the Jewish People itself are the messiah and are themselves divine in their nature, or at least vastly superior in spirit, talent, intellect, etc. to the Goyim and have the inherited right to murder, cheat, rule over, subvert and steal from the Goyim.

Therefore, the views of the Neturei Karta are a tiny minority view among Jewry. The Jews believe, and this belief is manifest in the Star of David on the Jewish flag, that "As Above, So Below". This means to them, that politics on Earth are politics in heaven, and that the battles they wage on the Goyim in the mundane realm are mirrored in wars between the Elohim, Sammael and the Jewish God/Devil in the heavens. There is, therefore, no distinction between politics and religion for the religious Jew.

The secular Jew is the same animal speaking a different jargon with the same objectives and fundamental beliefs. The secular Jew has abandoned the fox tail stigmata and taken up the briefcase, but holds firm to the core purposes of Judaism to segregate Jews, rob and destroy the Goyim, and genocide the native populations of Greater Israel. That is the Jewish People and always has been. The acts of the Zionists mirror, and are based upon, the religious mythology of Moses and Joshua, and the Jews of Israel gleefully acknowledge this. Judaism is an expression of the Jewish People, the Jews came first and created Judaism which produced Zionism as the only viable means of fulfilling Judaism.

There is no Jewish God to come down and create a Jewish messiah. There is no Jewish God to come down and exterminate the hated Goyim. There is no Jewish God to implement usury as a means to rule the World. These are and must be done by the Jewish People, and the Jewish People are, and always have been, accomplishing these objectives, taught to them in Judaism, for themselves without any supernatural intervention, for no such supernatural intervention is possible. The Jews know that Neturei Karta would have them waiting forever to do what they are doing for themselves today, and the Jews reject Neturei Karta as fools and tools of the Goyim, whom the Jews hate and seek to destroy.

The Jews believe either that the Jewish messiah has arrived in the form of Zevi or Schneerson; or, that the Jewish People are themselves the Jewish messiah; or, that Jewish People created the mythology of Judaism as a product of their self-declared unique and superior nature, and therefore it is the duty of all Jews as a people to forward the objectives of the leaders of World Jewry and of Jewish religious myth (this is why secular Jewish Communism and secular Jewish Zionism both create the messianic Jewish world of one World government centered in Jerusalem ruled by the Jews and created in the ashes of destroyed Goy nations as prophesied throughout Jewish literature from the beginning). Judaism, Communism and Zionism all have the same objectives, the destruction of the Goyim and the elevation of the Jews to the status of gods on Earth. That is the Jewish People whatever mythological gown they don. This has always been so, and shows no signs of changing.