Monday, June 22, 2009


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perennially whining drama queen Daryl Bradford Smith complains about the fact that I posted a link to a redacted copy of Red Dragon on my blog and on the books page of my website a few days before he added a redacted copy of the book to his website, the same redacted copy (at about 37:49 into the file). So much for gratitude!

Smith claims he added the book to his website three and one half years ago. Let him offer proof. When did he ever mention the book before I linked to it on 30 September 2007? The first mention in his audio files appears on 4 October 2007, where he feels compelled to apologize for the book because it refers to Jews as Jews, instead of referring to Jews as "Zionists".

Listen at 2:53, 17:42, 28:20 into the 4 October 2007 file and note how Smith stumbles over the name of the author and the title--not surprising coming from a man who has repeatedly called Disraeli, "Drisselli", Cromwell, "Cornwallis", etc. etc. etc.:

Likewise, Smith mentions Red Dragon on 5 October 2007. Why was he discussing it at this time so soon after me? Because he had just added the book to his website after I had added it to mine.

It would be interesting to juxtapose my criticism of Ron Paul, my work on the Armenian Genocide, as well as many, many, many other subjects, which Smith then discussed after me, often in the same terms if not in the exact same words.

I have a question for Daryl. I do not expect he will answer it. He has not retracted several falsehoods and innuendos he has stated about me and my work. But I will ask, "Daryl, was it I or 'Muhammad Rafeeq' who appeared on your program on GCN just before your show was cancelled, and discussed the Chabad Lubavitch?" Has Smith ever retracted his and "Muhammad Rafeeq's" absurd claim that Bernard Madoff is innocent of the charges which were filed against him? Has Smith ever retracted the numerous falsehoods he has stated about me and my work? The man clearly has no credibility.

It can also be shown from Smith's audio files that I had a books page on my website long before he added one to his, given that he promotes the newly added page after my page had already long been on the internet. Strange how that fact bothers him. Of course, I do not just add others books to my website, I write books.

Has "Muhammad Rafeeq" ever told us his birth name and/or the birth names of his grandparents? If not, why not?