Thursday, June 25, 2009


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A while ago, I noted that many online versions of Red Dragon feature the same redacted edition of the book, which is lacking a very important part. Someone has provided links to the full version of the book:

I have not read the book recently, but my impression is that it was a subtle way of slipping Communism into America by way of criticizing the bankers, just as the bankers would later slip in the Federal Reserve as if a solution to the problems they had caused the markets and the banks for this very purpose of proposing a replacement system which would benefit them.

The solutions proposed in Red Dragon are deficient in several respects, and in one way the book suffers the same defect as the solution proposed in the Money Masters video and in David Pidcock's proposal: It lets the Jews and the bankers off the hook, and therefore leaves capital in their hands with which to destroy the Goyim and keeps them out of jail and off the gallows, to strike again. It also forces the Goyim to labor to recover or replace what the Jews have stolen, while paying off the Jews just to leave us alone, letting them keep what they have stolen from us which will enable them to subvert anything and everything we do in the future since they act as a corrupt and cohesive suberversive group. There are other defects in the book, but I will have to reread the book to refresh my memory. For more on this, I recommend my blog article of 3 December 2007, which forecast what has occurred in the interim period, what is occurring today and what will occur tomorrow:

Banking Reforms, or Bank Bailouts? How the American People Will Suffer the Fate of the Third World If We Are Not Vigilant, December 03, 2007

That said, the book does offer some valid solutions, and presents facts which reveal the work of the Jews to destroy America, as well as India, China, etc. It is always necessary for the Jews to reveal their past crimes in order to provide their false solutions as if resolutions of the problems they have created. My suggestion is to cull the cream from the book and flush the buttermilk. It is poisoned.

Ron Paul, like Nelson Aldrich before him, is another agent of the Jews who points out some of the problems the Jewish usurers have caused, only to propose false solutions crafted by the bankers and their agents, including Ron Paul's Jewish mentors and philosophical guides, Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand, both of whom were agents of the Rothschilds.

Note that my contentions regarding the Red Dragon and redacted copies of same are proven correct by the complete online files. Note my familiarity with the book, as opposed to Daryl Bradford Smith's drivel.