Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Unsustainable Nature of the Present Economy: Gambling With Monopoly Money, While Trying to Save It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The American economy remains afloat on two tenuous and opposing tendencies among American consumers. On the one hand, Americans feel a pressure to buy while their purchasing power retains its value. In other words, Americans are worried that hyperinflation will soon strike, and that the American dollar will fail. As such, Americans are buying goods now which they believe will tend to retain their value and depreciate less than other goods. This affords some measure of protection against rising prices. Down the road, as prices rise, they will have on hand those items whose prices will likely increase at the fastest pace.

On the other hand, Americans feel an enormous pressure to hold onto cash for fear that their wages will decrease or disappear altogether, and knowing that higher taxes have already begun to take a bite out of their income and will only increase in the future. This encourages Americans to save, which has also kept the banks from completely collapsing.

There will be a tipping point when inflation escalates and the banks fail to provide a return on savings that even begins to match the rate of inflation, when Americans will be forced to dump their cash holdings in favor of hard assets likely to depreciate least in adjusted dollars. At this point when the savings versus spending conundrum collides with itself, the economy will completely crash as will the currency, because the banks will fail, credit will disappear, and there will be no means nor incentive to produce all the goods and services needed to keep an economy running as money finds fewer and fewer avenues of expression. The game of gambling with monopoly money between savings and spending will end in a bloody whirlwind flushed down the toilet of history.

Therefore, we must go after the Jews and foreigners who are today hoarding hard assets and land and take them back. But we must be extremely vigilant to not fall into the trap of Jewish revolution promising debt forgiveness and land ownership at no cost in labor or production.

Lenin and Trotsky promised debt forgiveness and land ownership to the Russians in exchange for destroying Russia for the benefit of the Jews. When the Russians found themselves with no debts they also found themselves with no credit. When the Russians found themselves with land, they discovered that they were slaves who were forced to work it for the Jews who owned the land through the State. Soon after the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, the Jews shipped the gold of Russia to the Jewish bankers who had financed and orchestrated the Jewish takeover.

The same will happen here in America. In fact, the Chinese and other foreigners are already buying our land, land which we defend with our blood and treasure. This land will be used to fund a foreign State which in turn is under the control of the Jews.

The American worker will only enslave himself by succumbing to the promises of a Jewish revolution (observe that the Gang-Green Revolution in Iran is a Jewish revolution as are most if not all revolutions). The Jewish Ron Paul Revolution offers the same trap, just as Boris Yeltsin again entrapped the Russians when Communism was eliminated in Russia. Ron Paul will open the door for the Jews to rape our land and industry for their profits, while degrading our environment, selling us drugs, alcohol and tobacco (the Jews have been destroying the Slavs for centuries by forcing them to buy and consume Jewish manufactured liquor), and lowering our wages and deflating our currency so that all our wealth will flow overseas into Jewish coffers. It is always heads you lose, tails the Jews win, with any Jewish revolution.

It will not be enough to simply replace our currency and eliminate the Fed. The POWER PARTY will also go after the Jewish criminals and seize the assets they have stolen from us, wherever they are around the globe. We will also make it illegal for foreigners to own or even lease land which we hold to be our territory. We will also make it illegal for our citizens to lower our wages by sending our jobs overseas and by schemes meant to deflate or hyperinflate our currency.

We must wage total and absolute war on Jewry if we are to succeed in breaking the Jewish yoke and rescuing the hurting Earth for our children a thousand generations from today.